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Stolen Away.

Novel By: SilverTonguette

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Dark terror stalked the night streets of South Boston. The eyes were bottomless and dark, the lips curved in a lovely, deadly, blood red smile, the chin sharp, and the teeth sharper and whiter than new fallen snow. The skin was tan, and stretched across the high cheekbones and the long, lean skeletal system with the grace of a cat and the strength of twelve elephants. The muscles were subtle until they were flexed and suddenly the dark predator was the scariest thing a human could ever see in its lifetime.

The outfit from the shirt to the jeans to the shoes was as black as the bottomless eyes. The lashes swept up and were prominent but not girlishly so. Its stance, the air around it, made a human believe it had nothing to fear. However, it feared more than one thing. It feared death, it feared love, and it feared loving. The creature feared basic human emotions.

Its touch was gentle and sweet, the warm of its body radiated from a center deep within its impossibly handsome body. It had hair as dark as the shadows it stood in and had a voice that could melt hearts with a simple sound. It was an all-powerful killing machine. It was something to fear.

It stood some six foot two with muscles rippling through its body as it stalked its pray: a woman standing five foot six with waving light sun-kissed brunette hair to her shoulders. The shortest layer of the hair curled around her face, hugging it like a friends after a long absence. She had a set of narrow shoulders and a slim waist, with power unseen in someone of her stature and her childhood.

Her eyes were a deep sea green, framed by thick, dark lashes that tickled her eyebrows if her eyes were wide enough. Her lips were a like rose color with a sudden dip on the top one. Her bottom lip was fuller than the top, but they were both very kissable. Her chin was pointed, and freckles dusted her cheeks and across her nose. Her eyebrows were golden and arched almost cat-like.

She was gifted with a large chest and rear. Her legs were long and her skin tan. She had a tattoo wrapping around her left ankle of a thorn vine making its way up a few inches above the ankle. She had a piercing in her naval and three in her right ear, two in her left.

The girl was everything the creature wanted and he swooped down on her. Not once did she scream. Her fists were balled and she swung out, giving the creature's chin a good left hook. It bent her wrist back and still she was silent. She twisted around, freeing her wrist, and elbowing him in the ribs. It didn't make a sound either, as it turned her around and was out of sight.

Slowly, the fuzzy feeling of sleep lifted off Sara Jane. She opened her eyes and knew there was something wrong. She wasn't at her house. Her green eyes followed the noise of footsteps above her. She didn't make a sound, not that she could. The room she was in was lavender and she thought of her flowers she had received that morning. Purple roses, almost the same shade of this room, and she had loved them with all her heart.

The door creaked open and Sara Jane pushed herself to the wall and flipped the bed over. She peeked over the edge of the bed and saw a man standing in all black. She frowned at him. "Hello. I'm Thomas Degree." She didn't say anything. "I know you are probably confused as to why you are here, and I can explain that easily enough if you just put the bed the way I had it.

"I chose this room for you because of the color the roses were this morning. I've been waiting to introduce myself for a while." Still, Sara Jane didn't say anything. Thomas sighed and walked to her. He grabbed the bed and set it right. "I'm a vampire, Sara Jane, and you are a half vampire."

"Vampires don't exist, Mr. Degree." Sara said venom in her voice. Thomas glanced at her and slowly increased the size of his canines. Sara's eyes grew and she gasped, her small hand going to her neck. Thomas's eyes went blacker than pitch and he suddenly grew very hungry. He snapped his head back and his thirst disappeared. "V-v-vampire!" She struggled back and slammed into the wall. "H-how can it be? V-vampires are r-real?" She seemed to be talking to herself. "R-r-real?" He voice rose octaves higher. Thomas walked to her and placed a finger under her chin and lifted it up.

"Vampires exist, Sara Jane, and you are a vampire."


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