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Not your Everyday Teenager

Novel By: Skaterz

I need to get this out of my system and Brain, Can't focus on school because I day Dream this story in my head. I'm using my Actual Self to write this story as some of this Content is true View table of contents...


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Not Your Everyday Teenager

Chapter 1: Growing Up

I'm Brandon and I'm the only Boy cousin in my family I have 5 Girl cousins named Victoria,Mia,Angelina,Sabrina and Alyssa. I'm the Second oldest and i'm 17 Years Old.It's really hard to do boy things at my grandparents place because first of all I got 5 other girl cousins, I'm not saying it's bad or anything but I can't do what other guys do like be shirtless,sleep and eat all day, hang out with friends, but nope my family puts me to work while my girl cousins don't do shit. Yeah I get it I came out as a Boy but sometimes I wish I came out as a girl that way I don't do work. There are some days I'm Pissed,Sad,Happy and you know i'm a Teenager and I'm growing up get used to it, Life's a Bitch accept that and Move on God Damn!!

It was a Saturday Morning on the second day of my Summer Vacation and I was startled by a big gun shot fire. When I heard it I jumped out of bed and hit the floor face first and say " Shit... What the Fuck!!!" I put on my clothes from last night and get my hand gun from under my pillow and put it in the front of my jeans under my muscle shirt. I go outside my room and jump down the stairs and head out to my uncles place because that's where I heard the gun shot. I run over to my uncles house and see my youngest girl cousin Angelina wrapped in my family's arm's crying, I rush over and get onto my knee's and say " Hey.. Angelina, Stay with me" She holds out her hand and say's " Bran..." I take off my muscle shirt and take off my belt and wrap it around her bullet wound in her stomach and put her in my uncles car and my Uncle drives us to the nearest hospital. When we get there I jump out with Angelina in my arm and say " HELP!!!SOMEBODY MY COUSIN SHE'S BEEN SHOT!!! A Few doctor's rush over and put her on this bed and say " What happened?" I look at them and say " I don't know I woke up and I heard a gun shot,I ran over to my uncles and she was in there arm's crying" I start to tense up and cry and they say " She'll be Fine bullet went clean threw her so she will live" I sigh in relief and say " Thank you" They nod and take her off, I have her blood in my arm's and my family rushes in and say's " Where is she? Is she gonna live?" I look at them and say " The doctor said it went straight threw her, so that mean' she'll live but won't be able to move too much after they stitch it" They all let out a sigh of relief and say " Thank God!!" I look at them and say " Did you get a good look at the person who shot her?" They shake there head's No, Damn it!! A Few hours passed and the doctor has Angelina in a wheel chair and when she see's us she smiles and start's to cry, I get up and head out the front of the hospital door's and lean up against the wall and fall to the floor crying. My family comes out and they see me and they say " Brandon, What's wrong?" I get up and start to run off back to the house. When I make it back I go into my room lock the door and cry into my pillow in my room. A few minutes later my Family pulls up into the drive way and I sit up in my bed wiping the tear's away and I hear one of my cousins say " I feel Bad for Brandon,I didn't know he could be so emotional to family" Then another one of my girl cousins say " Do you think we should thank him for saving Angelina? I mean after all he is our second oldest cousin?" Another one say's " Yeah, Let's thank him for what's he's done" I get up out my room and go to the bathroom and lock it. I look in the mirror and my face is red from all the crying, I put some cold water on and wash my face and rinse it. I then hear a knock on the door and open it and say in an angry tone " What do you want?" My girl cousins look at me and say " We..We wanted to say thank you Brandon for saving our little cousin today." I give them a Small Smile and start to shut the door when they all come up to me and kiss me on the cheek.I look at them and say " What was that for?" They look at me and say " For everything Brandon" Then they turn around and head back down stairs into the living room where I hear laughter. I go out the bathroom and change my clothes from today which is covered in blood, I put on a new Clean Black Muscle Shirt, A Sleeves Hoodie,Some Almost looking skinny jeans but baggy at the bottom, My Black and Red Orsis shoes and put on my Beanie that looks like a Baseball Hat but in the beanie style. I grab some Leather Fingerless gloves and put those on and put my pocket knife and lighter in my pocket and walk out my room.

When I walk down stairs I see my family and my facial expression is pissed off mixed with Anger. I start to walk to the front door and say " I'm gonna head out for a bit Later" I walk out the door and put on my hood from my jacket and head towards the dark forest. When I'm Pissed off I take a walk in the Dark Forest instead of hurting or yelling at my family. When I'm deep in the forest I start to hear branches cracking so I turn back and head home, I start to Tense up because I feel like someone is following me and breathing down my neck. I turn around and I see these 2 guys, I turn around and quickly run back home, I jump over the barbed wire fence and run threw my grandparents garden, I hear the guys say " Find the Kid and Kill him" I quietly sneak past them and run to the gate where the Front door is and there right behind me, I open the door and shut it but they come in and start to attack me, my Family wakes up and see's what happens. My family pulls us apart and say's " What the fuck is going on here?" I say " I was taking a walk in the forest and these 2 Bitches decided to jump me" The 2 guy's laugh and they turn to see my little girl cousin Angelina and say " She should be Dead, I shot her" All of a sudden my anger got really pissed off like the devil I look at my uncle holding the one guy that said that and I say " Let me and him settle this my family backs up and my uncle that let's go of him and goes to help my other uncle hold the other guy, I pull ouf my Pocket knife and lighter and start to put the Knife over my pocket knife to make it sting when I stab him.I put my lighter back and the guy grab's his gun and points it at me and my family Gasp's. I look at the guy and say " Would you really pull that Trigger and get away" I say Sarcastically, He looks at me and nod's, I know his exact movement and I pulled out my handgun and shot him first before he could shoot me and he falls to the ground groaning and grunting. I bend down next to him and say " That's what you get for Shooting my Little cousin and trying to jump me you piece of Shit" I kick him in the face knocking him out and Look at the other guy and say " Why did you follow him?" He looks at me scared and say " He forced me to do all this shit and I don't even want to do it, I wanted to be a Chef or a skate boarder when I get older, I wasn't with him when he shot your cousin I swear, He tied me to my room in handcuff's and whipped my back with a leather rope. I look at him carefully and say to my uncle " Let him go" They look at me and back away and I look at the guy and say " If I ever see you around here again, I won't hesitate to point this gun to your head and pull the trigger" He nod's and runs out the front door.

Author's Note: This is actually all true what happened, I shot a guy but the guy that I shot Lived and never returned and bother us along with that other guy, point taking saying I actually care for my family and it pisses me off so much that people try to hurt them


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