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The Life of Being Adopted

Novel By: Skaterz

Been having dream's that this is me but it's a celebrity instead

THE MAIN CHARACTER IS A REAL CELEBRITY BUT THIS STORY IS NOT TRUE Images will be up shortly after i write the first chapter View table of contents...


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Author's Note: This is the last Chapter of The Life of Being Adopted, I hoped everyone enjoyed reading it.

Chapter 10: Happily Ever.....After???

I'm awakened by something banging on the door, Brent comes in the living room and get's a Metal Baseball bat and I get a Regular Baseball bat incase someone tries to break in. The door breaks down and it's Carlos pissed off as hell. He looks at me and pins me to the ground and say's " WHERE IS SHE? WHERE'S MY MOTHER YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!" I laught and say "She's not here if your worried about that, Some one else has her like 6-7 other guys, Good luck finding her, If you want her alive I suggest you leave us alone" I push him off me and Brent grab's Carlos and throw's him to the door. Brent helps me up and Carlos say's " You'll Pay, I swear to God you'll pay for what you've done" and he walks off slamming the door, Cammile comes down and say's "What was that banging and yelling?" Brent looks at her and say's "Nothing just go back up stairs please" She Nod's and heads back up stairs. I look at Brent and say " Um... Brent.. I think Cammile is Pregnat?" He looks at me and say's " What!!! How can you tell?" I look at him and say " She's been thowing up alot lately and I can tell her Stomach is getting smaller and her Breast's are getting bigger" He looks at me and say's " Well If she is Pregnat I'll be there to help you raise it" I smile and walk up to the Room Cammile is in and I hear small cry's. I walk in and I see her on the bed with a small white stick in her hand and she looks up at me and start's to cry harder, I walk over to her sit on the bed and put my arm's around her and say " It's okay, It's okay,I'm here" She sniff's and looks up at me and say's " Moose, I'm...I'm... I cut her off and say " Pregnat?" She looks at me shocked and say's " How can you tell?" I look at her and say " Your stomach has gotten smaller,Your Breast's are getting bigger and you've been throwing up alot lately" She sigh's and say's "I'm So sorry Moose, I didn't have the courage to tell you because I didn't want to cause more trouble with you and Carlos at the moment" I sigh and say " Trouble? Baby Your never trouble to me. I mean I might be shocked that your pregnat, but that doesn't changr anything baby, I'll always love you." She sniff's and I lean in and kiss her on the lips and deepen the kiss, She let's out a small moan on my lips when I'm kissing her. I get up and say " Cam, Now that your pregnat and I know, You need to eat stuff or else you'll have a miscarriage and the baby will die, Is there anything you want to eat?" She looks at me and say's " I do want a Burger and fries, Can I get that please Moose?" I nod and walk out to the living room to find Brent making burger's and fries, I say " what is this?" Brent looks at me and say's " I heard Cammile wants Burger's and Fries so why not make some for her after all now I know she's pregnat we gotta keep her fed and healthly" I nod and help him finish and I get a plate of 2 burger's and fries and walk up to Cammile's Room and say " Here Baby, Brent helped me make them" She looks at me with hungry eyes and say's " Mhmmm Yummy.. I don't think I can eat 2 burger's" I walk over to her and hand her the food and say " well incase your still hungry after the first one eat the other even if you don't finish it, save it for later" I kiss her on her forehead and walk out the room before Cammile say's " Moose?" I turn to her and say " Yeah?" She say's " Thanks for everything Moose, I don't know what I would do without you" I smile and say " I don't know what I would do either" I walk her room and shut the door but left it cracked, Incase she wanted to go to the bathroom when she's not feeling to well. I sit on the couch in the living room and take a nap when I realized it's 8:30 Pm at night, I get up and say " Shit!! Brent where are you?" He comes out his room and say's " What! what's wrong? I hear something break in Cammile's room before I could say a word to Brent, We look at each other and run up the stair's to her room, when we see Carlos in there beating her. I turn into a wolf and so does Brent and we charge at Carlos but he jumped out the window before we could attack him, I turn back into Human form and go to Cammile, I start to cry because she looks really hurt. I say " Cam? Cam can you hear me? She looks at me and say's " I hear you Moose" I sigh in relief and say " Where did he punch you?" She looks at me and say's " My face,leg's and...and... Stomach" she start's to cry, I look at Brent and say " Brent, Call the guys Kill Carlos Fucking Mother and we'll see how to play this game" Brent nod's and walks out the room. I pick Cammile up and carry her to the bathroom and start some warm water in the tub and put her in, I start to wash the blood away from her and gently put pressure on her stomach.She give's a small groan and I say " Sorry" She say's " It's okay,Mind if I relax here in the water for a while?" I nod and leave out the room

When I get out of the Bathroom, I see Blood in the hallway, down the stairs and into the living room I see a Pool of Blood and Carlos body on the ground in his own blood. I laugh and say to Brent " Did you do this?" He nod's and say's " I'm Sorry Moose, I couldn't control my self, After I called the guys he was in the living room and he attacked me so I turned into my wolf and Killed him, I'm So Sorry" I say " It's okay Brent, I was gonna kill him anyways but it seems you beat me to it" I sit on the couch and say " Now that Carlos is dead, Were Safe including Cammile, she has my child inside of her, Now what do I do? I guess I can move into a new house with Cammile" Brent looks at me and say's " No your gonna live here, I'm moving in a few day's with my pack, It's time we find a Mate after all it's part of a wolf thing and if we don't find a Mate within next month, were gonna go crazy and kill everything, But it's a good thing I like this girl and she likes me back time to make my move" I say " Wow thanks Brent, I'll send a Picture of our Child when it's born, I hope you and that special girl work out, Thanks for everthing Brent, I mean it" Brent walks over to me and we hug and he say's " I gotta go, my Pack is calling me, Feel free to call me and we can go out some time just us guys" I say " Bye Brent, Thanks for everything"

Author's Note: I hoped you liked my story, Sorry it was on 10 chapter's but I hope to do more than that on a new story soon, I also added Carlos picture and Moose/Cammiles baby picture they had a baby boy named Alejandro


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