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The Life of Being Adopted

Novel By: Skaterz

Been having dream's that this is me but it's a celebrity instead

THE MAIN CHARACTER IS A REAL CELEBRITY BUT THIS STORY IS NOT TRUE Images will be up shortly after i write the first chapter View table of contents...


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Chapter 4: Getting to Know

When I wake up I see Cammile in my bed and my head is pounding really bad, I get up and when I stand up I feel dizzy and my vision starts to fade then comes back. I get my grey skinny jeans on and my socks and shoes and walk outta my room leaving Cammile sleeping in my bed. When I come out I freeze because I see all my girl cousins and family member's having breakfast and they say " Well Look who's up" I give them a smirk and go over to the medicine cabinet and start to rumage through the medication and such until I come across some Ibprofen and take 3 for my headache. One of my cousin's say's " Moose Why did you take some ibprofen?" I look at her and give a sigh and say " I have a pounding headache okay? I've been having them alot lately, It's mainly because i'm not used to just sitting around all day, I'm used to dancing,moving around,running and all of that" I turn around and go back to my room and change my clothes completely, While looking for a shirt in my closet Cammile wakes up and I say " Morning Sleepy head, Just to let you know the family is in the kitchen eating and such, They are all in Sherlock Holmes right now" Cammile looks up at me while I putton up my redish maroon long sleeve flannel and say's " Where are you going Moose" I look at her and say " I.. Uh... I need to get out and move around, I have this pounding headache and It's mainly because of me not moving alot so when I move around like dancing,Running and such it makes my headache go away" She smiles and say's " Oh,Will you be back later to go over to our uncle's place and have a party at his place and go swimming?" I say " Um.. I don't know it depends on how I feel after my headache" After I change I give a kiss on Cammile's Cheek and walk out my room and my family's like " Moose where are you going?" I sigh and turn my head and say " I'm going to go for a run or something, I need to move, I'm not an indoor's person, Eventually you'll understand" I turn around and walk out the door and start to walk to the stair's and then before I walk down the stair's I get out my Ipod and headphones and start to put on some dancing music that will make me dance soon. When I walk down the stair's, I start to walk down my family's dirt road and to the street and turn to the left and walk down the street. While walking I start to dance with the rytheme of the music in my head and body, with out realizing I'm dancing in front of this house and the people there are starting and clapping at me, I start to blush and feel embarrassed and I stop dancing and finish walking down the street. After a bit of walking down the street, I cross the train tracks and run across the street to get to the other side. My phone vibrate's and it's a text from my friend Carlos and it say's "Hey Moose, Where you been bro? The Crew misses you,I wanted to tell you that a little bit later on were heading to this party at your Uncle's place, We hope to see you there and hope to dance your ass off with us" ~ Carlos" When I read the text, I was actually smiling and laughing when I read what Carlos wrote. After I read it I put my phone back in my pocket and go into this grocery store and get some Candy,Gum,a Backpack,and some small items for the family like some food so they can cook. After I pay it I go out side and put them in my back pack and I open a piece of my gum and put a piece in my mouth then put my headphones back in my ear and head home.

When I get back my family is getting ready because there at our uncle's place cleaning and working. I walk up to my Uncles gate and it's locked so I look at I go Ehh.. I walk back and then turn around and run at the gate and jump over and my family's faces are like "Wow" I see Cammile helping my girl cousins clean the pool while there in it, Cammile see's me and smiles I smile back at her and walk over to the small table where my family is sitting and take off my backpack and take out some party stuff and the food and I say " Here, Thought since it's a "Party" you could use this to cook and serve, My Treat" My family looks at me and say's "Wow Thanks Moose, We were gonna get them in a little bit but seems you beat us to it." I smile and I put my backpack on and head back into my house and go into my room and change. When I get in my room I put on a Light navish blue t-shirt with some words in Yellow,my tanish greenisg cargo short's with a small chain on the side,my maroon van's and a jacket that looks like a plaid shirt but it's a jacket. After I leave I quickly grab my Green Beanie and head back outside to my uncles place. I walk over to where my family is and say " Guys need help?" There like " Yeah, Mind helping testing out the Go-Kart's? We need to see if they work because I know the girls would want you to drive them later" I smile and laugh at the same time and say " Sure, I'll start on it now" I turn around and go to my uncles Shed where there are 2 Go-Kart's one in Black and the other in red but smaller then the black, I push the go-kart in the front and eventually I get in an open space and my girl cousins in the pool say " Moose are you gonna take us for a ride later?" I pretend I ignore then and my uncle say's " Well, We don't know yet, He's gotta test them to see first" If they work i'm sure Moose wouldn't mind taking you for a few rounds" While I'm working on the go-kart I give a little grin when my uncle said that. Once I finish with the go-kart I put the key in and it start's up fine, So I take off into the go-kart track me and my uncle built. When I take off the wind on my face feel's so good,When I come to a turn I turn it hard and the car starts to get onto it's 2 wheels then quickly lands back down on all 4 wheels, I stop the Go-kart and ge out and fall to the ground in fear.After a few minutes I get back in the car with a fear face and when I pull up to where my girl cousins are lined up waiting for a ride I turn off the Go-kart and start to walk away. My uncles say's " Moose what happened? You look like your gonna be sick" I look at him and say " I almost died" Then I turn around and run into my room and lock the door

A few hours in my room I come out and look at my face in the mirror and I didn't have the fear face anymore just my normal emotions. When I come out I see everybody eating at the table,some eating in the living room and watching Tv as well. One of my cousins says " Moose, Your awake!!" I smile and say " Yeah, I'm hungry is there any food left?" I say in a sarcastic way, They look at me and say " Yeah there's some food left, we saved you some incase you woke up" I go to the kitchen grab some food barely a bit and eat it in like 10 minutes, then my cousins say " Hey guys let's play that Dancing game on the Xbox 360" I smile and pretend I didn't hear that because they know i'll want to play with them. My uncle comes in and say's " Moose wanna come dance with us?" I say " Sure i'll be out in a min" My uncle turns and walks away back into the living room. When I go in I see my girl cousins dacing and I just give my self a little chuckle at seeing them dance. My girl cousins turn around and say " Don't be hatin on our dance move's Moose" I give a sarcastic shocking face and say " Oh sure I'm so hatin on that slick moves" I go and start to flip through the songs until I come across a song called " Shawty got Moves by Get Cool" I start to dance and ask my girl cousins to join me and they join me following my every direct moves, After a while they start to fall from being tired at dancing and I say " Wow, Looks like I won that battle" I say to my family" I'm gonna head to bed, I got a headache now" I go to my room,change my clothes and turn off my lights in my room.


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