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Sneak Peeks


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The following stories for 2013-2014 year will include sneak peeks, and here they are!

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Escape from Lavender Scott City (2013)

I couldn't believe what stood before me. The entrance to freedom. Of course, there were limits, because once I jumped, the officers of LSC would be searching for me, day and night. They don't limit their searches, and I can see why they don't. If I stay, then it means certain death.

I decided to jump for it, even though what laid below, unfortunately, was the ground. There was nothing to stop it from smacking my body and sucking the life out of me, even though, either way, the life in me was already gone. And so was my sanity.

The Evil One (2013)

I miss spring, and fritters. Especially the fritters that Quin used to make, with fresh chunks of nuts or fruits in it, with a nice sweet glaze over the top. I knew where she got the fruit too. From the Circling Market, and that was the best part, because, the Circling Market had the best fruits and vegetables ever.

Snap out of it, Chris! Enemies stood in front of me, and this was no time to be dawdling in another world. What the hell was I to do? They had guns, and I had a knife. I had no chance whatsoever. That's when I lost it. I ran. I ran towards them, and they pointed their guns at me, ready to shoot.

But then, one fell down, and not because of my attack.

Gateway to Heaven (2014)

I looked at the dress. It reminded me off the ashes that singed my body of life. I felt the soft, slick silk against my palm, and I shuddered.

"It's beautiful." I told the woman.

"Great, we'll give it to you, free. But there's something else you need." She handed out a lighter.

"What?" I asked.

"Light it." I did as she said and the dress sprung into fire, and I thought I was dead. I wasn't though, and when I moved, the flames followed, not touching anything else. And when I thought I was dead, I had to tell myself that I aready was.

The Devil's Angel Part II (2014)

I ran out of the door. Where to go, where to go. I looked at the toolshed and decided that was my only option. I opened the door and walked on in. It was small and dusty, just I had remembered. I got in a corner of tool shed and grabbed one of the hammers laying there. I began to shake.

Then I saw the shadow. It was passing by. I looked through a crack and saw it walking by and looking around. I made a tiny squeak, and then the thing started walking towards the toolshed. I covered my mouth to stop the noise of my breath. When the creature left, I felt safe.

Then the wood on the wall began to crack, and fall.

Lavender Scott City: The Infamous Assassin (2014)

The air got dusty, and then I saw the body hanging from the chunk of broken metal. Siarah vomited. I tried to hold in, but I just let it all out. When we got ourselves together, I saw the man, gazing at us from a rooftop.

"Run!" I yelled at Siarah, and she ran in an opposite direction than me. As long as she's safe, I don't care where she goes.

I headed down to the Sewage System and splashed around in the water. I tripped over a rock, and got a mouthfull of sewage water. I then got up against the wall and held my breath. Then I saw him, staring right at me.

"Cole?! Cole where are you?!" Siarah yelled from a distance.

The Diary of Matthew (2014)

I skidded down the side of the empty canals. What a place Venice would've been. I still can't believe it's drained, but, hey, it is what it is. I hope that Nix and Lavender are okay. They probably are, but, I just don't trust Cole yet. I don't know him, I don't want to know him. He said that he killed a man by ripping his stomach open with his hands. If that's what he is doing to Nix and Lavender, I swear to God, I will let my sword taste the blood from his neck.

Lavender Scott City: The Final Inscription (2014)

What the heck is she? I asked myself. Not only that, but what was I supposed to do? The Red Star is only five days away, and we don't have time to look around the city and sightsee. Why would she sightsee? She already lives here, so she knows every person and every street.

I sat down on the street and nuzzled my knee. Then I saw a child standing behind a pole, peeking at me.

"Hey, I'm not a monster." I said.

The boy stared at me.

"Come here, there's nothing to be afraid about." I said standing up.

The boy walked back a step. That's where I sat back down, and then, I saw the boy standing in front of me, holding out a knife to me.


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