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the story includes me and my friends and sum family the story protans to 3 half sisters in medail time they are all dhampir and sonya the eldest of the 3 is to be married to a rich full-blooded vampyr but she falls in love with a lykin a mortal enemy its a love story with violonce and a forrbidden love of this and that time the story falls back and forth seeing as how they r telling the story to there great great great great great grandchildren hoping one day they will take the thrown of novia View table of contents...



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"but father, I ca not marry this man ! I do not love him !" sonya voice echoed through the dark, moist corridor as she agrued with he father, the King of Novia, King Grey. sonya was the eldest of the three Grey half sisters and the princess of novia. "foolish Dhampir child !" boomed her fathers imperious voice " I do not care if you love him or not. The point is that u are to marry Lazeroth and become Queen of this fine Kingdom of novia and the Grey legacy shall reign on!" Sonya was soon to be wed to Lazeroth Vandercio. a young full-blooded vampyr, Lazeroth's twin markus had grown oh so close to the youngest of all of the Grey sisters Rayhin. Unlike his brother markus was a kind, sweet, gental creature with dark blue eyes and short brown hair he too was to become king of novia when it was Rayhin's turn to reign on. and the middle child sira, her lover, jermain was placed under a hinderous spell that keep him in a slumber for a time of 5 years. the spell was placed by nonother then the dark mage by using his black magick. although before he was cursed sira was impregnanted and was about to give birth to a young dhampir.

sonya sighed. she knew that there was no reasoning with her father and she just ended the fight with "yes your magisty i suppose you are correct. " as she had done many times before was the wedding grew closer she felt more power to stop her own wedding from happening be finding someone she loved to wed her. sonya's fierce blue-green eyes began to fill with tear. not out of saddness but of anger. Anger towards he stubbern father. she decided to take walk in to town to take her mind off the fight.Sonya paseed rayhins quarter hoping not to allow her younger sister see her cry. for Sonya was always the strongest of them all. Rayhin senced something was wrong and Sonya was greeted with a loving hug from her sister " awww hey whats wrong did you lose another fight over the wedding to father again ?" her sister asked trying to confert her as much as possible. Sonya pulled away" have you seenn sira ?"Sonya asked hoping she had not taking her niece down to jermains chambers again.


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