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Novel By: soul

His hands closed around my small ones and took them from his shirt.
"It's ok Bells." He said, and I looked up to see him smiling.
He still held onto my hands and I didn't tug them away. Didn't want to. I let him hold them. Slowly, he put both of my hands in one of his and stroked my right forearm gently. I shuddered and kept my eyes on his. He dropped both of his hands suddenly and looked up at me, his gaze hitting mine like a brutal punch. I gasped and fell back, shivering violently.
"No! Don't go Leon! I'll be f-f-f-fine. I'm just a l-l-little c-c-cold." I whispered desperately. He couldn't leave me again. I barely even knew him though.He walked back to my side and pulled me up into his arms, lying down on the bed, he held me tightly. I curled up inside his arms, feeling warm again.
Isabella Rose is 17, in her Junior year in highschool when she is near to raped after going out one night completely alone and vulnerable. But when she moves to a small town where it's always cold, she meets someone she will never forget, no matter what happens to her. He is all she thinks about. The only one she wants to be with. The only one she has to stay away from... View table of contents...


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Chapter 17

The rest of the day went by slowly, but I was glad. The sun was out and shined down on us during lunch as we ate. Leon refused to have me sitting without him, and it's not like I could fight with those eyes nor those lips... not to mention those arms. As we sat down on the damp grass, his jacket spread out beneath us to keep us dry, I lay my head on his lap as I ate an apple. I wasn't hungry today. After I had finished, I got up reluctantly to throw the core away. But I didn't get far. His hand caught my free hand and pulled me back to sit next to him. He took the apple core carefully from my hand as I sat, dazed at the sudden movement. He tossed it into the trash perfectly and I managed to turn my body to stare at him, confused. He smiled brilliantly back, making my heart flutter, and before I knew it, he had pulled me easily into his lap and I leaned into his arms, closing my eyes. I had gotten used to the stares of jealousy from the majority of girls in school--meaning every single one except Rachel and Emily, who were content with others--and even if I hadn't, I didn't want to protest against anything Leon did. He shifted me into a better position in his lap so I was sitting up, leaning into his chest. He press his lips into my hair as I breathed in his scent.
"Hey, do you want to go for a hike tonight?" He whispered into my hair. I frowned and moved my head to stare up into his eyes curiously.
"A hike? At night?" I asked, confused.
"Tonight? Knowing me Leon, I'll get lost even if your holding my hand." I whispered back. He chuckled at me, never taking his eyes off my own. Suddenly they did. They trailed down my body and my brow furrowed even more to hide my embarrassment and sadly, my content that he was looking at my body so adoringly. His eyes trailed even slower down my legs and they lit up, dancing with passion. His eyes shot back up to my face, but I could tell he wanted to look back down again. I blushed a deep crimson. Even gentlemen get ahead of themselves sometimes, I thought, except, it wasn't exactly my voice in my head. It was closer to Riley's and it sounded jealous and annoyed. I shuddered suddenly and stared around me in fear. Nearly everyone was staring at us, continuing their conversations, but staring at us like we were the most interesting icon. The boys stared at Leon jealously, which I found so strange, and the girls stared at me jealously, their eyes flickering to Leon longingly. I laughed nervously and moved to get out of Leon's lap as I blushed. I felt like a naked person standing in front of the world's most judging critics. Leon's arms locked around my waist, unwilling to release me. I looked back at him, my eyes pleading silently with him. He sighed and shut his eyes for a moment. Fianlly, he released me, his all too willing prisoner, and I moved to sit right next to him, draping one of his arms around my waist, which he held instantly and tightly. But his touch was gentle. I leaned into his shoulder and sighed. His lap was better, but I couldn't bare the stares. The girls turned away, muttering, and a few guys looked like they were about to pounce. I frowned at them and looked down at my hands.
"Come on Bells, we have to get to class." Leon said into my hair, standing. He still held my waist and pulled me up with him. He reached down and grabbed his jacket, shook it out and slipped it over his arm. I sighed happily and walked with him into the school just as the bell rang. He suddenl held me closer and stiffened. I stared around me, looking for anything at all that would make him so tense in school and my eyes caught it and refused to stay. The dark flash of color in between classroom buildings. The school was placed in an open square, each classroom around a center square where a few more people lingered to eat lunch. In the very center was an octagonal podium that was painted white with ivy hanging down from the roof. The circle of grass the surrounded it with three trees set evenly apart with oak benches place in between made it look gorgeous. Around the little sanctuary was brick all the way up to the concrete that then connected all the classrooms together with a roof over it. I loved the set out of this little school. I tried to keep my eyes on the flashing black, that came closer and closer to the classroom we were next to. Leon had frozen and with each building the figure came closer to, he held me tighter and tighter, squeezing the air out of me. I tried to take it and just focus on breathing, but eventually I gasped for breath, struggling to steady my heart.
"Leon.." I gasped, tugging uselessly at his hand, caught around my waist. He looked down at me, puzzled and released me, kissing my forehead lightly and pushing me into my next class. I frowned and didn't bother to turn back. I knew he was gone already. My not-so-human boyfriend...lover, was in trouble, I knew that. My stranger had returned, and was making me jittery. Someone nudged my back and I jumped, spinning around. I hadn't realised I had been standing in the center of the door, frozen still as I thought about the dream. It was only Emily and she raised a brow at me that implied the word bluntly, 'weirdo.' I laughed and walked as steadily as possible to my desk.
"Geez, how long you and Leon been so close? I thought he was out for a family trip and you only saw him for like, one day before, and you didn't seem so close then!" She said as she sat down beside me. I hadn't thought of that. I turned my body to face her.
"I'm not sure Em." I replied, confused, but too worried about Leon to think much about it. I turned back to my hands and stared, fidgetting. I wringed my left hand with my right and swtiched hands every so often. I hadn't realised the teacher, Ms. Evans, had called on me to answer. My head shot up as someone tapped my shoulder, ready to fight off whoever it was. God I was jumpy. I stared, blinking at Ms. Evans.
"Well Ms. Rose?"
"Umm.... I'm sorry, I wasn't listening." I admitted. I blushed briefly, but my mind was overwhelmed with thoughts about my dream, Leon, and my stranger. Ms. Evans sighed heavily and walked back to the board and called on someone else. I went back to my hands, trying to focus all my attention on what was being said, but couldn't. French class wasn't interesting anyway. I rolled a pencil between my hands for a while and jumped out of my seat when an arm wrapped around my waist. Leon pressed a finger to my lips before I could scream and I swear in everyone had frozen in the room. He looked at me painfully, drawing all my attention so I couldn't focus on what was around us and whispered in my ear.
"I'm sorry." He gently brushed a hand along my cheek and jaw and I felt a slight pain at my neck and his fingers slid over my eyes, closing them against my will. I collapsed in his arms and all I heard was his heart beating, that suddenly stopped, along with his breathing. I would have panicked if I had been able to, but I was paralyzed in his gentle arms. Half fainted. I struggled to open my eyes, fighting against the dark that threatened to overwhelm me and the dreams along with it, but as I finally got them a millimeter open, I felt another pain on the other side of my neck, and I collapsed completely into Leon's chest and arms.
"Forgive me Bell." I heard him whisper before I slipped into the darkness, tears already rolling down my cheeks.


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