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Part one:Lyndsey and Starry are fifteen years old twin sisters. They were normal, until there parents spilt. There dad moves to New York, they move across the state. A lot of things happens. Then one night something bad happens. Will they still be able to handle what life throws at them? But no matter what they will always be close. Will they tear apart after something even worst happens to one of them, or get closer? Read to find out.. Part two: Dream and Summer are twins; Lyndsey's kids. they're dealing with life and all that stuff.( I know I said all of their kids, but I perfer to focus on these two) They begin out as 14 years old who moves to FL, and so on. Part three: will be of Summer's kids... As you read on, you notice that I do more of Summer's Pov: I'm sorry if you like Dream better, i will work on it. Anyways Enjoy :)(No I'm not done with part two yet.) (But I need boys/girls names for their kids.)Part three: Autumn and Colleen begins out as 12; then skips to 15 and their daddy dies. They gotta deal with that; Autumn snags a hot dude as her boyfriend; and her best friend gets pregnant; and she helps her deal with her life while trying to fix her owns. Colleen feels rejected by her own sister. Will they make it through it? Read on to find out :) View table of contents...


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Lindsay put her arms up; so I could lift her up. I was smiling at her much she looks like me; expect she got her daddy's dark brown curly hair. But my icy blue eyes; just like Amber. Expect she isn't my kid. But I still love her as much as anyone else does; one day she might find out; or we could lie to her for the rest of our lives. Princess is 15 years old. We got her when Lynds and I we're 5. And now we're twenty. Prince Charming is her twin. So they go outside and do their cats stuff together at night.
I placed Lindsay on my hip and we walked up to the porch were Lyndsey was doing baby talk to Star. Now it's gonna be confusing. "Her middle name is Hope too." Summer and Dream came up and smiled "Who is she momma?" "Your new little sister." "Aw, can we go play in the sand box with Amber, Emma, and Jake?" "Sure girls. Your daddy should be back soon." I smiled at Lyndsey. You can tell raising three kids is tough on her at the age of twenty and now this. But it's January 10th. And it's 70 degrees out; that's North Carolina for you. They are all almost three; Emma and Jake are almost four.
"I can't believe they are almost three." I said to the girls "Me either, it feels like yesterday Emma and Jake were a baby." "And now I got Caitlyn, who is just a good little baby." I smiled, "Courtney is too." "If you don't mind me asking how did you come up with Courtney?" Ally asked her, and then Lyndsey looked at me; "Starry, remember Courtney Lane?" Ah, she was our best friend since before we were born. And then we lost contact after 15 years of friendship when we moved over here to Roxboro. "Yeah, how can I not." "Who is Courtney?" Ally asked again, "Our best friend since before we were born; and before we moved over here." I said smiling about all the fun times. "Oh she's the girl in all those pictures?" We nodded and laughed. "I wonder if she's online right now." Lyndsey said putting Star in the baby swing and going to get her old lab-top; it's for outside use.
Lyndsey's Pov:
All this talk about Courtney made me miss her even more. So here I am signing on my old IM account and sure enough she is so I sent her an IM:
Lyndseyloo: Hey Court!
Courtneyloo: Hey Lynds!
Lyndseyloo: how have you been?
Courtneyloo: good, I've missed you and Starry
Lyndseyloo: we missed you too. You still live in NC?
Courtneyloo: Yeah, Roxboro. It's an amazing city
Lyndseyloo: Yeah I know. Been here for five years J
Courtneyloo: Awesome, Starry too?
Lyndseyloo: Oh yeah, you married? Got kids?
Courtneyloo: Yeah, Married Jacob Black. Three kids: Lindsay 3, Tara*Star 2, Austin 9 months old. You?
Lyndseyloo: Yup, Married Blake Wakefield. Three kids that I had and one that we adopted: Summer and Dream 3 (in 8 days), Courtney 1, and Star that is 9 months old.
Courtneyloo: what about starry?
Lyndseyloo: Her husband had a baby with another woman; but she claims him. Married: Mike Campbell, Amber 3(8 days), Lindsay 1, and they adopted a boy name Nick who's 13.
Courtneyloo: Aw, we should so hang out soon. And by the way Lindsay birthday is in 8 days as well and then she'll be three.
Lyndseyloo: this Saturday?
Courtneyloo: I'll check with my husband and call you. What is your number?
Lyndseyloo: (336)768-4356
Courtneyloo: Okay, call ya tonight! Love ya'll!
Lyndseyloo: love you too!
Courtneyloo has signed off
"She's married Jacob Black." I said frowning; he was my boyfriend 11-14. He's a creep. Or he was. But I always knew they'd be perfect. "She has three kids, Lindsay, Tara*Star, and Austin" "Aw, I can't wait to meet them." "This weekend hopefully." "I'll be here." "Man, I wanted to meet them; but we're going out of town." Ally said. Trace, Blake, Mike, and Nick was walking up the driveway now. Summer and Dream went running to Blake's open arms and he lifted them up off the ground. He was smiling and laughing; and so were they. "Hello my sweet love." I smiled at him, as Courtney made her way to him. "Why hello Courtney!" "Daddy!" First word she said was "ma." First clear word daddy, then mama. I'm okay with it and so is he.
We love all of our kids; he hates that none of them looks like him; with the eyes and hair. But Star has Baby blue eyes, and dark brown hair. So she looks like him. "We might be having company this weekend." I said feeding Star her bottle. "An old friend of Starry & me." "Oh okay, I'm fine with it."
Saturday Night:
Blake and Mike were cooking hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill. And their car pulled up; Starry and I were so happy. Courtney stepped out and helped her kids out and handed Austin to Jacob. Courtney has always had long beautiful curly strawberry blonde hair with green eyes. She hugged us both; we were acting like teenagers again. "We missed you Court!" Jacob saw me and smiled, he gave me a hug with little Austin. I'm guessing Lindsay and Tara*Star are the little girls hiding behind their mom. "Lindsay and Tara this is Lyndsey and Star, my old school buddies." She said smiling, "Hey, we're not that old!" They looked just like their momma did. Summer & Dream came walking up, "Court, this girl right here is summer. And then this is Dream." They smiled at her; and then saw Tara and Lindsay, "Hi, wanna go play with Amber and us?" "Sure, can we momma?" She nodded. "Amber is that one." Starry pointed out, "This is Austin and of course you know Jake." "He goes by Jake now?" I said forming a smile. "Blake this is my best friend, Courtney, Courtney my husband Blake, and her husband Mike." They smiled, "And Jacob this is Blake and Mike." The men went to talking and we went to the kids. "Court, this is Courtney." I said as Courtney and Lindsay quit playing with their toys to smile. "This is Star." "Nick is over there watching over the little girls." Starry added smiling; she really likes him. He helps out a lot.
We ate; talked; watched movies; did what we use to do. Expect there are men here and our own kids. We use to dream of what life would be like; and trust me this is not how we dreamed it. Dream is already a dreamer; and I love that about her! They had to leave, we said our good-byes. And I have a feeling that this is gonna be a weekly thing! Mike & Nick carried Amber and Lindsay in the house, 'Night Lynds." 'Night Starry." We hugged and off they went. Blake and I carried our kids in.
Trace's Pov:
Lives for these kids are flying by. Before I know it they'll be 18 and out of the house. I don't wanna see that day came. I love my daddy's girl and momma's boy. Actually Jake will goes to anybody. He's just that kind of boy. "So they lost contact with Court?" I said asking Ally as we put Caitlyn down in bed. "Yeah, they sounded really close." "They were, our families were best friends since elementary school, and never lost touch until my parents spilt." "Lynds & Star seemed so happy when they talked to her. I haven't seen them that happy since they found out you were alive." Tears came in her eyes, "Ally, its okay." She hugged me tight; I wiped away her tears and kissed her lips. "Ah, I want an ice cream float." I got up and got two. Since that now sounds good. "I love you Trace." "And I love you more than all the stars in the sky Ally." "Does Starry still write?" She asked me, "I don't know to be honest."
Starry has always wanted to be a writer; she has always loved writing; so did Lyndsey. But I guess their plans had changed. I mean I wanted to be a lawyer, which is why I'm now in college for it. I'm getting my degree next week though. Between that, working, and my kids. We never have time for ourselves anymore. But I guess its okay; since I'm gonna be bringing in more money than now. LawSchool was easier than college; but all of us Summerland's are smart.
Ally fell asleep after she ate her ice cream so I carried her up to her room, and went down in the basement and looked in my box of pictures. Holly & me, my sisters other best friends, we went on two dates, but it felt weird, she's my age. So we were best friends until Starry and Lyndsey were born. Then I found the picture of two years old me holding Starry and my brother was holding Lyndsey. I have always loved Starry & Lyndsey.
Sassy came down the steps and licked my face. She's four years old soon. I love her so much; just as much as my love for my wife & kids, I'm twenty-two years old. Never thought I'd see the day that I would have three kids at the age of 22. But I guess life changes all the time. I mean I could be dead; watching them from above. I'm glad I'm not though; I'd of missed out on them growing up. And Starry & Lyndsey first kids.
I rubbed Sassy some more and then we went up to our bedroom she jumped on the bed and fell asleep in-between me and Ally. She loves doing this. Ally wants a little dog; tomorrow we'll go find her a little dog. I think she wants a yorkie or something. I just want my wife to be happy. Sassy sighed and then rolled up on her belly for me to rub her while she fell into a deep sleep. My wife, kids, and dog are all spoiled and yet I love this!
Starry's Pov:
The boys put the girls down in their bed and we're all in the living room watching TV; we already talked about it and he calls us momma and dad. "Momma, you need anything to drink?" I was in the mood for vodka, no I don't drink much. "I'll get what I want." "Ah, you're in the mood for a drink?" "No, I'm underage." For another year that is. I just went and got a soda and handed Mike his bottle of beer, one bottle per a week. He isn't gonna be a drunk. He's okay with it. "Can I check my email?" "Sure, the family computer is down the hall." "Starry, sometimes I forget that your only twenty. "Ah, me too." "I love you Starry." "I love you too Mike, you're the best." "I didn't know Jake was Lyndsey's ex." "Yeah they dated for three years." "He told us; he's glad that she has married Blake." Yeah, me too. He's an awesome guy. "And I didn't know that she was raped." "Yeah, we don't like talking about it."
We were just talking about random things when my phone rang: Caller ID: Holly. "Hello?" "Starry is that you?" "If this is Holly then yes." "Yeah, it's me." "How are you?!" "Pregnant for the fourth time." "Ah, who did you married?" "Nick Summerlyn." "Knew you would." "Starr, you still lives in North Carolina?" "Yeah, Roxboro." "Get Trace, and Lynds at your place next weekend, and Court. If you don't mind, having a cook out?" "For you, no way! Next Saturday four PM?" "Sounds good, I'll be there!" "Another old friend, Star?" "Yeah, she's Trace's age."
We're all at the house, including Holly, and her daughters Jessie 4, Nicole 3, and Lindsey is 2. Holly hasn't changed a bit, Trace smiled when he saw her and Courtney. He hugged Holly and smiled at Ally, "This is Holly an old friend of mine." Ally looked a little suspicious. "They went on two dates; mine and Lynds fault. They are best friends, besides us girls." She smiled at that and her and Holly hit it off like that. Holly, Adam, and her kids lives in Oklahoma.
The time we spent together flew by to fast, Blake never was mad that Lyndsey never told him that she dated Jacob. She is kind of ashamed of it. He was a creep back then. Now he's a good dad and husband to Courtney. I love them to death. They are so amazing! "Starry, we must go." Holly said, she hugged me, then Lynds, then Court, then Trace. "Nice to meet you Ally. I'm glad Trace has found an awesome girl like you." Ally blushed. "Thanks you Holly. You're welcome here anytime." Ally said, "Yeah anytime!" We agreed. They left and so did Courtney. So it just us three families. "Holly and Courtney seems nice." "They are. And they're amazing." "Trace how come you never told me?" "We swore we wouldn't tell nobody, we're just friends. I love you and only you." "What about us?!" Lyndsey and I said, "As my wife. You're my best sisters ever!" We smiled at that!


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