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Part one:Lyndsey and Starry are fifteen years old twin sisters. They were normal, until there parents spilt. There dad moves to New York, they move across the state. A lot of things happens. Then one night something bad happens. Will they still be able to handle what life throws at them? But no matter what they will always be close. Will they tear apart after something even worst happens to one of them, or get closer? Read to find out.. Part two: Dream and Summer are twins; Lyndsey's kids. they're dealing with life and all that stuff.( I know I said all of their kids, but I perfer to focus on these two) They begin out as 14 years old who moves to FL, and so on. Part three: will be of Summer's kids... As you read on, you notice that I do more of Summer's Pov: I'm sorry if you like Dream better, i will work on it. Anyways Enjoy :)(No I'm not done with part two yet.) (But I need boys/girls names for their kids.)Part three: Autumn and Colleen begins out as 12; then skips to 15 and their daddy dies. They gotta deal with that; Autumn snags a hot dude as her boyfriend; and her best friend gets pregnant; and she helps her deal with her life while trying to fix her owns. Colleen feels rejected by her own sister. Will they make it through it? Read on to find out :) View table of contents...


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This is the end of Lyndsey, Ally (sorry for not doing many Pov for her), Starry, and Trace's sPov. But now it'll be in Dream, Summer, Courtney, Amber, Emma, Star, Jake, Lindsay, and Caitlyn Pov. Hope you like this. So yeah the story isn't over. The plot just moves up 11 years. I'm mixing things up; and I thought this would be a good twist in it.
Summer's Pov:
I'm 14 years old; and I look just like my momma Lyndsey Summerland Wakefield did at that age. My long strawberry blonde hair is curly. It's down to my knees. I love my hair long; Dream's hair is waist length. We're the oldest of six kids. Courtney is 13, her hair is butt length. Star is 12, mid-back length brown hair. She was adopted. And then there is Holly who is 8, Austin our baby brother is 4. Holly has momma's eyes, but daddy's hair color. "Kids, family meeting time!" Momma yelled up the stairs. Brutus our 15 years old Saint Bernard was sleeping by momma's feet. Dream & I sat on the love seat, Courtney and Star on the floor and Austin is in my lap. "What is it momma?" "What would you say if we wanted to adopt another kid?" "It's okay with us." We said, smiling. "We're going to the orphanage as a family. We have three kids lined up." Daddy said to us. "Brad is 7, Bella is five weeks old, and Love is 3." Momma added in, "When will we go?" "Tomorrow. But that isn't all." I hate it when they do this.
"I got a job offer in Florida, I don't have to take it; but it pays very well." Daddy said. Summer and I did the twin talk by our eyes, "We're okay with it daddy." We said smiling; we're up to new things. They looked at Courtney, "Fine by me. I need a tan." Starry nodded, Holly smiled at the idea, and Austin nodded too. "What about Aunt Starry, and Uncle Trace?" Star asks, "We wanted to discuss it with our kids first; y'all come first; they will find out tomorrow."
I woke up; found my favorite short shorts, put them on and then a pink cami and left my hair down. Dream wore the same shorts but with a blue cami; and braided her hair. Dream & I are really close. Momma and our aunt Starry are too; and they're 31 years old. Yeah, and we're 14. Teen pregnancy is known in our family; we're gonna break the chain. Momma was packing the kitchen some, "We got a house down there yet?" "Nope, we'll pack here some. Then while school has three days left. We'll sign y'all out then go visit my friend Courtney down there and find a house." "Sounds good to me. I miss hanging with Lindsay." We all piled in the van and went to the orphanage. Brad came out, we don't like him. We prefers girls, dad loved him. Of course, he wants another son. Love is sweet and cute; but to not our type. Everyone including daddy fell in love with Bella. So we're adopting Bella.
School went fine! We're no longer middle schoolers! Which we're happy about. Aunt Ally and Uncle Trace were at the house. Emma smiled when she saw me. She's 15, her and Jake are. Then Caitlyn is 13, Bruce is 11, Carrie is 9, and Jason is 7. Three girls, three boys. Trace is momma's older brother. She adores him; they thought he was dead 15 years ago; but he was in a coma and came out of it the day Jake and Emma were born. Jake's name is Trace Jacob Summerland Jr. Aunt Starry and Uncle Mike are here. Amber rode the bus with us. She's Mike's kid with another girl. But she still loves starry as her mother. Then there is Lindsay, who's 13, then Justin is 11, Sammy is 9, Nicole is 7, and Josh and Destiny are 5. They have a bigger adopted brother name Nick. He's 24.
"What is this family outing about?" Emma asks us; "We can't tell you guys." Courtney said. "We're adopting another kid, Bella is five weeks old; green eyes and blonde hair." The adults were in their own convocations, "You couldn't tell us that?" Caitlyn asks, "There is more to it." "Blake has been given a job offer; and we're moving to Florida." Aunt Starry smiles, but you can tell she wants to cry.
Dream's Pov:
Uncle Trace hugs momma and then us. Aunt Starry looks like she's about to cry, so we don't say anything. Emma smiles at us; she is torn up too. Jake and Justin are talking about who knows what. I will never understand boys. "I'll help you pack your room." Amber said to me. I didn't even notice Summer and Emma gone. I smile and off we went. Summer and I have unique names Dream Hope: because they wanted me to be a dreamer, and to never give up. Summer Lynn: Because momma was addicted to that soap opera as a kid.
We have my room pack in five hours; then they had to go. I hated it, but it something I'm use to. Summer came in and smiled. "Dreamy, I love you." "Summer, I love you too." Everyone at school used to pick on our names. Summer is always the main one; but I don't care and neither does she.
Life is gonna be awesome moving down south; especially with it being summer time! Swimming! We're also getting a house with a pool; they looked online; found one and fell in love with it. We're going down to paint it now. My room: Lime green, hot pink, baby blue, and purple. My name is in purple everywhere. Summer's room: Hot Pink, purple, lime green, blue, yellow, orange. She's a very colorful person. Hint the reason why I love my sister. She's amazing.
Courtney's Pov:
Ugh! Brutus is too old to go on that long journey. And plus he's in pain right now anyways. So he's gonna be put down. I have always loved Brutus. And plus its way to hot down there for him. We will get kittens when we get there. Momma lost her Prince Charming when he was twenty years old. He lived a good life; better a dog die than one of us. I'm the quiet shy one out of the group. I wanna move; but then again I don't.
Aunt starry didn't want us to move either, but she's cool with it. They might move down there too. Uncle Trace said if they do then they will too. Grandma and Grandpa Adam will miss us. Grandpa, as in momma's real dad lives in NYC. She doesn't talk about him much, nor her childhood. But I understand and so does the rest. Daddy is worried about me during the move. Since I don't talk much and how will I make friends. I'm okay with it. I'll make it; Summer and Dream will too. I look up to them.
Momma almost lost them when they were born. And so they're special. We all are, she doesn't show who her favorite is. Neither does daddy, but we know he's happy that he has Austin. His baby boy. Summer is into baseball and sports, so she isn't a girly-girl. Dream wouldn't be caught dead watching it. Summer loves it; so he takes her and me. We both love it.
This move will do us all some good. Momma is so happy about it. I guess she's ready to move on with her life. North Carolina has a lot of memories for her, same for daddy. For one she was raped at the age of 16 by her step-brother Kevin. And she thought Summer and Dream were his kids; but after she got raped her and daddy did it. And so here they are daddy's kids. They never hold anything back for us. They tell us everything. So we're mature for our age; which is awesome! Or I think so anyways!
"Court, are you done packing?" Summer and Dream asks coming in my room; "Yup. Now anyways." They smiled at me. "Wanna go walking? It's Brutus's last night and we're talking him walking. Amber and Lindsay are walking Sasha, Emma and Caitlyn are walking Sassy." "Sure, I'll go." I love walking with them. They are my support and everything. They mean the world to me; always will too. They are the best; I look up to them; I'd be lost without them.


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