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My life is normal; I'm a normal girl!

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy

Okay, her name is Lyndsey. She's a celeb. She trying to be a normal 16 years old girl, expect for the part that she's famous. She goes through her hollywood life, she doesn't remember a time where there wasnt any camera people following her around. View table of contents...


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"Lynds, are your bag packed?" Momma asked me, walking into my room seeing me working on my second to the last bag. "Almost momma, I'll be there in ten minutes." She smiled at me, Alicia came in and sat on my bed "My bags are all packed Lyndseyloo!" she said smiling at me. "Alicia, wanna help sissy finish her bag?" I ask her giving her the pouting lip. She smiled, since she knows she always does that to me and picked up a pile of the clothes and put it in the bag. We did that and right when I closed the bag, Brent my bodyguard/driver/second daddy came in to get all the bags. "Lynds, how long will you be gone for?" He asked chuckling to himself. "Two months, I need to have back up clothes." Alicia giggled, "Miss Alicia, you're not that much better." "My dolls need their own bags!" She joked. I picked her up and off we went to the tour bus.
"Momma, when can I do a tour in Europe?" I asked her typing out my class assignments. Yes I don't wanna not do college and then get kick out of this biz and have nowhere to work. So I'm doing it online, momma and daddy was actually okay with this idea too! It should take me all this tour to be a college graduate too! "August-December." I smiled at that and went back to my work. I dug in my Abercrombie & Fitch bag (Ssh!) and found my camera and took a picture of Alicia with Sassy. Life on the road is fun, but then you can't wait to get home to your own bed! We shot for 7 days straight to catch up on the rest of the season. "Momma, where are we going today?" "Tennessee, we're due there in four days, we're exploring around Tennessee." Ah, my hometown. "Do we still have a house in Tennessee?" I asked her. "Yeah, we're staying there." I smiled at her; we get to see Grandma and Grandpa, and our other Aunts and Uncles. We drove all night, so we were there in record time!
Grandma and Grandpa greeted us with hugs and kisses. Momma looked really tired, must have been traveling. "Lyndsey, I've missed you!" Aunt Andrea said to me, she's momma's twin sister. I hugged her tight. "When will you be getting married?" She asked me as we were walking to the garden. "Not for awhile, Blake & I are just dating for now." "Come on, you gotta be wanting to marry him." "I do… And I want kids one day." "You will probably end up having twins." "How and why?" "It runs in the family, Lynds." "What are you saying that momma and daddy had twins?" I asked her. She just kept on walking ignoring me. "Tell me now!" I said, "Your momma will tonight." She said looking me in the eye for once. I can't believe she'll bring it up and then tries dropping it in no time!
We made it back to the house in enough time for me to shower and change, and then we went to my first concert of the tour! I sang and dance my heart out! It was awesome! All of my friends had traveled here to see my first welcome back concert too! We finally made it home and momma followed me into my room and sat on my bed, "So your Aunt Andrea told you?" "Not really only about someone having twins." "Yes, you're the one with the twin." Oh my god. Did she just say I was the one who has a twin sister or brother? "Twin sister or brother?" Why doesn't my twin live with us? "Sister, Alyssa Lynn." Wow what a pretty name. "How come she doesn't live with us?" "She's living with your dad's sister." "Which one?" "Emmy." Mom left the room at that, I wonder how come I haven't met her. Grandma came in and smiled at me "Lynds, we're gonna go get her tomorrow and for the next year she'll live with you guys." "How come she isn't with us?" "Your Aunt Emmy kidnapped her or both of you guys, she had a baby the same day you were born but she didn't make it, and so your aunt took y'all to replace it, but she brought you back and kept Alyssa, and we haven't been in contact with her until last week." She hugged me and then left.
I was awoken by Alicia jumping on my bed "Mommy said time to go see Aunt Emmy and Alyssa!" I smiled at her, slipped on my A&F jeans, and a Hollister baby tee. And my rainbows. I brushed my wavy hair and pulled it into pigtails. I was downstairs in five minutes. Momma just frowned at what I was wearing. We all piled on in the SUV and drove about fifty miles and stopped at a huge white house, with a big yard. A woman about two years older than daddy opens the door, and saw us and then she smiled. "Kate, nice to see you return for Alyssa." She said giggling. A girl my age with her down to her butt, which is wavy came out holding a little girl Alicia's age, "Emmy, this is my mother?" She asked Emmy with hope in her voice. Emmy nodded and Alyssa walked out.
"Hi, I'm Alyssa. Aunt Emmy told me the whole story about her kidnapping us." She said frowning but then smiling at me. Her hair is the same color and mine is longer than hers. Her eyes of course Icy Blues, every one of ours are. "Alyssa, go show Lyndsey your old room." She took my hand and led me up the stairs. "Ever since she had kids, I was the built in baby-sitter." She said sighing. "How many does she have now?" "7 of her own, and then this husband have 6 of his. And then 3 together." "Wow, what are there name and ages?" "Emmy's kids: Eva, 15. Lindsey 13. Nicole 11. Kasey 9. Kelsey 8 and Kelly 8. And Bruce is 7." Wow, that is a lot. "His kids are: Ally 15. Amber 13. Shannon 11. Brad and Bruce 9. And Kevin is 7." Wow. "Kids together: Savannah 6, Anna 4, and Ashley 2." "That is a lot." "Yeah, I love them all. But I'm glad I can go live with my real parents and family." "You're getting Brittany's room." "My own room?" "Yup." We smiled, and packed up her pictures and clothes. Come to find out we have a lot in common! She is a big fan of me! Who isn't? Some people, I know. But I haven't met any, which I am thankful for!
"Lynds, go help Alyssa finish packing her stuff and then carry it downstairs." Momma said to me, Aunt Emmy was feeding Ashley and
Anna a sandwich. I quickly got up off the couch and went walking up the stairs; we came down not long after with four bags in each arm, and Brent carrying twenty in his. Aunt Emmy tried hugging Alyssa but she backed away, and I led her to the SUV, with Alicia asleep in her car seat. We made it back at the house, where I quickly got into my concert outfit and we went to this huge building where I would sign five-six songs. Which I did perfectly, and then I did autographs and pictures. We made it home around eleven; a new record for us! And I called Blake, we talked. And finally I got a new idea for a song, with Alyssa's help. She can play the guitar pretty good, and can sign pretty good!
The tour was over in no time it felt; but it has truly been five months, Blake and Casey was already back in school (Senior Year!) I had just finished my online college! We made it home around ten PM and went straight up to our rooms (Alyssa has Abby's old room) and slept all night in our own beds. I woke up at five AM, found my short shorts and Blake's American eagle shirt and pulled that on and then my hair into a sloppy pony-tail. I found my pumas, and took off running outside to the beach and then all around the fields and stuff. I saw Blake running too, and I did my best to catch up with him. "Blake, Blake, Blake wait up!" I yelled after him, he turned around and smile when he saw me.
"Lynds, how are you?" He asked me, hugging me. Ah, I forgot how he smelt. "Good, I've missed you." I said smiling, "Good. I have missed my Lyndseyloo too." "What's new around here?" "Every press is writing about your mystery boyfriend." He said chuckling, his baby blue eyes sparkling. "He won't be a mystery for long." I said giggling. "How?" "Big Movie premiere for New Moon, I'm invited, and you're coming." "Okay, when is it?" "This Friday." "I won't know what to wear." "I'll send my brother over there to bring a lot of clothes to pick from. You'll need decent pair of jeans, and a nice polo." He frowned at the thought of having to get all fancy. "It will be okay." I said kissing his lips, "As long as you're there, it will be." He said kissing me back. I smiled and took off toward home; he rolled his eyes and went the other way toward his house.
Friday afternoon close to evening I was finding my short white dress and pink leggings, then my fancy high heals. My knee length hair is straight so it's longer than that. I have diamonds earrings in. My necklace with my name on it, then my "Dream and Believe" Bracelets, then his promise ring. "Lynds, Blake is here!" Starry yelled from down the stairs. "Lynds, you look pretty." Alyssa said smiling. I walked down the steps to see Blake in some nice jeans, and a baby blue polo and dressy shoes. He looks so cute. "Ready?" I asked him as we walked to the limo, "As ready as I will ever be." I giggled. He'll have fun, "Don't forget smile for the cameras, and don't say too much. Better yet I will do the talking; you just stand there looking sexy!" I said giggling at my own self. I can't believe he's going to my famous life!


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