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In The Place That Means The Most

Novel By: Stevenokathy45

Shimmer Annabel Heart use to be okay. She used to not have nightmare. She used to smile and laugh and be the cool girl to hang out with. Well, until her brother died. First she blames herself for his death. Then, she turned cold. Drowning in depression she starves herself and keeps herself isolated. Except to her mom and friend Delilah. But when her mom forces her to go to a new school and new therapy sessions she just might get the surprise of her life. New friends. New understandings. New life. New.... love? Can she let her walls down? Especially to Demetrius Dante Brain, whose got some walls himself? View table of contents...



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Authors Note:

It's so late at night that I could call it early and I'm such a bad insomniac that I've decided to write a short story to fill this awesome night life I've been condemned to. It's just a little thing but if you really like it just comment and tell me and I might turn it into a bookJ. Thanks for finding the time to read my works and I hope you like it.

6 years ago

"See the misfit in the mirror; see the freak that lives inside. See the misfit in the mirror, CRY!!" my big brother sang to a song as his hands grip the Chevy's steering wheel tightly. His flashing red spikes catch my attention and I admire them. His hair color was just like mine, but fiercer. Everything always seemed better with him around. I heard a part I liked from the Lesley Roy song and aloud my voice to snake in with his. High met low and we sounded pretty dang good. "You always crash your car!! You're like a permanent scar! You're just a rocking disaster. You are the opposite of moving faster. When you've been pushed around!! When all your walls fall down. And when they call you misfit, it's so hard!! To stop the!! RAGE!!!!" we chuckled as we finished the overdramatic ending. One of his hands moved off the wheel to check the time. The other car's headlights flash past it slow enough so I could see 12:35. "Awe kido, we're not even in Pennsylvania yet. We are not going to make it back to Ohio the day we planned." he looked at me apologetically. I nodded okay at my 21 year old brother.

He's the best. We never fought, even when we were little. I was adopted when I was young because my parents couldn't have another child. So that's why there's a big gap in our ages. Nine years. Everyone said that's why we got along so well. We had just gone on a trip to Maine for Sammy's acceptance into a huge engineering company. It was awesome. I felt a hand mess my hair "You're my best girl Shi. You know that right?" he looked down at me lovingly. I beamed with joy at the attention. I was 12 and loved attention. I smiled big at him "And your my best friend ever Sammy" he smiled gratefully back.

Then, everything happened in slow motion. At least, that's how I remember it, playing over and over for the past six years. But, in real life I also remember that it happened in a flash. It's like looking at two clown mirrors; one says you're short and fat while the other one says your skinny with a giraffe neck. In slow motion I remember Sammy smiling at me, only one hand on the wheel. The other one was still fixed in my hair. His head was turned to look at me, not the road….or the train tracks. I then remember the blinding light and deafening horn. Then, frame by frame, I see his face slack in horror and shock. His head then jerks around, doing a painful, slow 180 degree. He realizes something, I could tell in the way his shoulders slowly stiffen and his head snaps back to face me.

Then I see them. His eyes. Oh, his eyes. They follow me everywhere, everyday, no matter what. That heartbroken look of sadness and defeat that brought tears to my eyes. That made my heart hurt so bad and my mind scream in the need to fix it. Then, it turns into a panic. He then grabs the sides of my face as the lights get brighter and the noise gets louder, now accompanied by the jarring sound of breaks. "I love you so much Shi! You're everything I wanted to be! Truthful and loyal. Innocent and real. I love you more than anything and I will be with you forever, you hear? In the place that means the most!" he yelled it through the sounds of chaos.

I didn't know what was going on then, it was happening so fast. I didn't see the train. Or register the noise and how close it was. I thought he had gone insane. But then I saw it. And I worked on instinct. I screamed back at him "I love you to!! Don't ever leave me Sammy!" at the same time I took the wheel and spun it right. All that time it just echoed. Don't leave me. Don't leave me. Don't leave me.

But he did. One minute he was clinging to me and with the loudest noise the earth has ever endured, he was ripped away. At the time I thought it was just physically. It felt like lightening had struck the left back part of the car. We went flying. It felt like I was being pulled limb from limb. Then another loud crunching sound erupted as we were rammed into something else. This time it was the right side the noise escaladed.

The pain exploded in two places at once. My right ankle and my left ear. My ear was ten times worse. It shot up to my brain like poison and clouded my vision. The burst made my head lurch to the right, but it wasn't external, it was internal. The grip of pain there was another worse burst that made me shriek and tears fell from my eyes as I cradled that side of my head. Suddenly the car seemed smaller. The two monsters had crushed the entire back to a clump and, as I noticed in horror, boxed us in. The windows and windshield were all shattered but crushed into small, rat sized holes. The doors were held in place by what I figured out to be a train and a large oak tree.

My foot still radiated pain but it was getting numb, which scared me. It was my ear that I was still cupping. Then, I felt liquid in my hands. Blood. That's when I heard the ringing. It was just in my left ear. Then, I could hear nothing in it. When I made sure everything had come to a stop and I was pretty much okay other than the fact that my ankle was pretty much shattered and I had to keep myself from screaming again in agony, I suddenly realized that Sammy hadn't said anything yet. I looked over to see how bad off he was. And. Just. Screamed.

My big brother, that I loved with all my heart, went everywhere with, admired and worshipped was crumpled up into a ball. His face was smashed and ripped, the red the same color as his hair. His left arm was completely shattered and his head split open. It was devastating. I screamed bloody murder "SSSSAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!!!! NO SAMMY COME BACK!! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME!!! YOU PROMISED!!! STAY WITH ME!!!! NO SSSSAAAAAAAMMMMMYYY COME BACK, DON'T GO!!!"

My heart hurt. I could only hear my voice out one ear. My foot is killing me. It could kill me. Just then I recognize sirens and shouting. Then, someone removes the hood somehow and grabbed me. I feel cool hands touch me and inspect me. They finally dug my ankle out and it hurt so much that I screamed. They hushed me and said that everything's going to be okay. LIAR!!! I kept blacking out, next I woke up in a hospital truck, it was larger and there was another person in there besides the paramedic.

A boy, about thirteen, he looks like ice and death. My voice crocked when I spoke, worried for the boy I didn't even know "Are you alright? What happened? What did you do?" His eyes met mine and he shocked me with them. A very pale green with shards of blue, amber, and gold. I asked one more question "What's your name?" he answered all of them. "I'm fine on the outside. I almost drowned. My name is Demetrius Brain. And I killed my mom." He said with so much sadness. It was good to know I wasn't alone. I caught him staring at me in a weird way "What are you staring at me for?" I whispered. He blinked, shocked that he was caught "I like your eyes, they're pretty" his voice was distant. He was going to black out soon, just like me. I whispered to him before everything went black "I like your eyes to. I'm Shimmer Heart. I'm fine I guess. I got in a crash that involved a train and tree. And I killed my big brother."

I dont know which is the best Shimmer. You choose!

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