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By: The addiction

Chapter 1, Ross Zan Vorhees is the kind of girl any parent would love to strangle. Unfortunately, she herself might beat them to the punch. warning: some graphic stuff.

    Ross Zan Vorhees: The proverbial girl you dont want to take home to your mother. She is the definition of a dysfunctional college kid. And right now, she was late for work.

    "Ah, shit." Ross muttered, noticing the time. She picked up her phone and called her employer, saying how late she was running and how sorry she was. Her Employer said this better be the last time, and hung up. Finally, 15 minuites later, she arrived.

    Ross was an employee of the Disc Exchange, a CD store. She loved the benefits of getting free music. She hated her boss. But, as a plus, she worked with her boyfriend, Seth. 

    "Hello, darling," he said, kissing her as she walked in.

    " 'ey." she replied, and checked in.

    Seven hours later the two of them were at their apartment, and Ross was making dinner. Vegetables, of course. Ross and Seth had been vegetarians since their freshman year of high school. Seth walked into the kitchen and wrapped his arm around her waist.

    "Babe... " he whispered in her ear, and she felt the persistent bulge at the crotch of his pants.

    "Sweetie, not right now i'm-" He cut her off by kissing her, and she kissed back. Soon they found themselved sprawled on their bedroom floor, his hard shaft in her, and both of them sweaty and happy.


Then Seth found the cut.  

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