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Jason and Lea are brother and sister, twins, faternal yet some what identical and... Vampires? No wait, thats just Jason! Then what about Lea.....???? View table of contents...


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This first chapter is kind of slow and boring... but it is necessary so you can get somewhat of a concept of whats going on. trust me it'll be better soon. endure until then n.n


The full moon out tonight was gorgeous and bright. It was a bleach white color and was surrounded by clouds of different colors. The stars matched the radiance of the moon. They glistened so that their constellations were showing perfectly in the darkness of the sky. A few dark clouds were not far off in the distance. I was hoping they would be joining me. There was a slight cool breeze that blew bringing with it the smell of rain from far off. It was very peaceful, the wind continued to blow lightly. I let it play with my long black hair as it passed me to dance with the few leaves that were on the ground behind me. Tonight was a good night to be outside. Usually I am outside right here under this tree at night. But tonight was especially a nice night to be here. I enjoy coming out to this field because it brings back memories of my childhood and of the good times I used to have. Back when I and my brother Jason were close. You would think that identical twins would be much closer than we are.

My name is Lea Michelle Vecito. I just turned 17 on February, 21 which was about a month ago. Well my brother and I did. See I have a twin. We're twins born only 2 minutes apart. My brother Jason Michael Vecito is older by those 120 seconds. We used to be identical. Except a few years ago when we were 13 my brother's vampire blood awakened, yea he's a vampire, in fact my whole family are vampires. I apparently am the failure because I don't have vampire blood like my brother and mother and father. My brother changed drastically when his blood awakened. His appearance changed especially. His dark brown hair turned jet black and his dark blue eyes turned a dark red color. His body changed as well. Instead of the small pre-teen body I was used to he had become more masculine and had a change in attitude as well. He was colder to me. He treated me differently. We used to have this telepathy type thing were we could sense each other's emotions and know what the other was thinking. He began to block me out. I was no longer linked with him unless he allowed it. He had pushed me away and had become a completely different person.

I on the other hand stayed some what the same. Blood of mine also awakened only instead of powerful vampire blood awakening my fairy blood awakened. I went through some minor changes. My hair that was once short to my chin became long. So long that it reached my thighs. My body became more feminine (Which was both a good and a bad thing). And I changed in another way. My sense of touch changed. I felt emotions somehow when I touched certain objects. I usually try to block that out. But, sometimes it's overwhelming. I also discovered I had some sort of powers. I learned I could do some neat stuff with water, wind, plants, and also fire. I also had a change in the way I saw people. I noticed their eyes and hair first and imagined things in a unique way. Sometimes even saw visions when I shook their hands or had skin contact. It was pretty weird getting used to that sort of stuff. Makes me feel uncomfortable seeing and imagining the types of things I do. When you think fairy you think dress, slippers, wings, wand, flowers and all that stuff but I really just looked like a normal human. This in my family is considered a major disgrace.

The Vecitos come from a large line of great vampires. Strong and were feared by the others below us. My family is currently part of 5 family lines of vampires that are known sort of as royals of the vampire world. The families are powerful than the average vampire and they also had the ability to walk in the sun light during the day. Basically as Day walkers is what some call us. The families blend in more in the human world. The 5 family's role is to maintain peace between our world and the human world. Also against the werewolves and Lykens. The top of the chain is the Bencarti family, the head of their family was a vampire named Daniel and his mate Rosalind. Then was Montayez family with their head Christopher and his mate Annabella. Then it was our family the Vecito family with my father Leo and my mother Isabella. Below us are the Stephens with Dylan and Fiona being the heads. The lowest of the five are the Maldinatos with Stephan and his mate Esther. They're divided amongst North (Montayez), South (Vecito), East (Stephans) and West (Maldinatos). The top family the Bencarti to my understanding, sort of keep peace and make sure everything that needs to be done actually gets done and the human race remain clueless about the Vampire's existence and our world. Being a vampire was really important amongst these families especially mine. That's why when my brothers change occurred and mine didn't my father was furious. My 'vampire blood not awakening' ordeal became a family secret that wasn't shared with the rest of the royals. After all It would be even more a disgrace for them to know that the only daughter whom was named after the 'oh so mighty' Leo was a weakling. So the royal remained clueless that my blood didn't awaken. As far as they knew I was a vampire like the rest.

I overheard my father talking with my mother once soon after my brother's change. I was on the roof that one of my bedroom windows has access to. It was right above the kitchen and they were talking. Basically they didn't expect me to be fairy. I guess they hoped it would skip me like it did my mother and grandmothers. You see my great, great grandmother on my mother's side was a fairy too. She fell in love with a vampire [I don't know the details], as did her daughter being my grandmother and did her daughter being my mother. But then again who wouldn't fall for my dad. He was really handsome and looked 25 instead of 35. He had black hair that went to the middle of his back that he often wore in a low ponytail. Grey eyes that turned red when angry. He definitely was a vampire he was safe from mixed blood because his side were all pure. All the children born after my great, great grandmother were born with vampire blood no sign of fairy including my mother. [Just my luck that I would be the only one] My mother was surely a vampire she showed not a single sign of fairy. She had wavy black hair with big dark red eyes. She looked like she was 23 instead of 34 but she still looked like a vampire. That's why my parents were confused when instead of sprouting fangs I remained the same to them. But my mother said to my father that my vampire blood could just be dormant and, or could be awakened. It gave me some hope.

My father tried a series of tests to awaken my vampire blood but nothing worked. The last test tried giving blood to me from a lost traveler that came from the woods out back looking for directions. But I couldn't drink. I got queasy and thought I was going to throw up. My brother on the other hand had no problem going at the man's throat. Instead of having the emotionless reaction to killing like my brother I cried. That only caused my father to want to disown me even more.

Finally he just gave up. And suddenly I didn't matter anymore. Why would he need a weak fairy daughter when he had a strong vampire son? Since then I've just been living at our house basically. My parents don't really talk to me usually it's just my brother. Every so often at the table my father asks "how's school?" I always say fine and leave it at that cause I know he really doesn't give a damn what I have to say. As for my mother, she follows my father's lead. She only talks to me when she absolutely has to, and when that is it's usually simple short questions or one worded answers. I haven't completely given up hope though. I embraced my 'fairy-ness' as much as I hate to say much less comprehend that. Since no one pays attention to me really I usually go out and sit under a tree by a field close to my house and just sit by myself. Sometimes I draw or read. And sometimes I try to train myself to perfect my bizarre fairy abilities that only I know about. And other times I just relax and listen to my surroundings. Sort of a meditation especially when I'm upset or angry. I have to maintain my emotions or I'll make strange things happen. It's not really fun to be at home when no one notices you. The only one who really notices me now is my brother. Even if it's with his cold attitude or his twisted sense of humor, he still notices.


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