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Onyx Claret

Novel By: TheFallenAngel

Caden was depressed and thought that life was never for him. He was always there to mope. One day a group of so called Assassins come and help him escape from a psychiatric hospital. This is his journey of him finding out that he is the Onyx Claret. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

Call of Fate




Feeling all alone was the only thing I could think of. Depression filled my very mind and has overtaken me. My heart apprised with darkness and hatred.

I am in an all white room with a small boxed wall separating the men in lab coats and myself. They snicker as they see me in such a state of abasement. I'm in the corner with my legs up towards my chest. They stripped me of all my spirits and no one to turn to. I raised my head up and let my medium to short black feathered hair, fall back as I prayed for my death to come much sooner.

My mouth was slightly opened with my reddish-pink lips parted. I seem oblivious to whatever may be around me. That is until I heard the sliding door open. The dark heavy footsteps heading my way. It comes to a complete stop and all of a sudden the hair on my head gets pulled up by force and making me look at the man's face.

The dark man smirked and told me to get up. I refused so he slammed my head against the wall letting it ring ever so loudly. He told me once more to get up and I struggle to my feet. The sound of echoing laughter absorbed into my brain.

The man turned me around and pushed my chin up so I could look into his deep dark eyes. My heart pounded rapidly inside my chest feeling as if it would rip out of it. I felt incredible pain shoot through my entire body. I wanted to die. I wanted this dark man to end this right here, right now.

The sound of running footsteps filled the hallway and more tall men in dark armor (assassin's robes) surrounding me and the dark man. One of them grabbed me and said I am coming with them whether I like it or not and do not want to use force. A man with a lab coat took out his small gun and aimed it at the man holding onto me. The main assassin snapped his fingers and it blacked out. Once the lights turned back on, the man was gone. All of a sudden I heard drips coming from above where that man stood.

The lab coat men stood back and were all in shock as when they looked up, the man with the gun has had his face torn to shreds. The blood drizzling to the tiled floor and making them turn dark red.

They let them take me away. We left the building and went straight to their black cars. He told me to get in and I did what I was told. I thought to myself that if I would disobey, they would have to kill me. I shook the door handle and did it again and again but it would not open or even budge.

The man in the passenger seat looked back at me and laughed a bit. He shook his head and told me in a soft, Irish voice, "You won't be able to open that from the inside."

I sighed and leaned back in the black leather seats. The Irish man looked forward again and crossed his arms. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw the other black car following us. The driver saw that I was looking and in his Australian accent, he noted, "We are almost there, mate. Just sit tight for another few minutes or so."

I put my hands in my lap and looked out the dark tinted window. There were many families and couples holding hands joyfully. There were homeless folks laying by the stores hoping they will get lucky and be able to have dinner for tonight. Every one of those people will get hurt or stabbed in the back by someone so close to them. They wouldn't be able to know what hit them.

"Hey boy." The Irish man faced me once more and put on a straight face, "What is your name?"

I looked at the backseat of the Australian man, "Caden."

"Nice name, Caden, my name is Niall and this grump is Liam."

I just stared at the back of Liam's head, "Who are you people?"

Niall smirked, "You will know once we get to the cabin."

I let out a deep sigh and awaited until we arrived, which seemed like forever.

Once we arrived, it was a small cabin surrounded by a forest area. We went straight inside though so I couldn't soak in the scenery.

The inside was mostly of wooden floors and wooden walls. There were deer heads protruding from the rusty walls.

Liam tapped the ground gently with his foot and after, I heard an old man's cracking voice, "I'm coming, I'm coming." Coming down the stairs was a white haired man carrying a cane and was hunch-backed for a bit. He, what looked like, was wearing a sixty style outfit. He went straight to me and stroked his stubby beard, "Caden?"

I became confused that he knew my name so suddenly. He looked me over once more and held out his arms and embraced me, "My boy!"

I tried to restrain myself but he already had his arms wrapped tightly around me, "I am so glad you are okay. You look just like your mother, you have a bit of your dad in you as well with those green eyes." He slightly punched my chest and so I had to rub it to relieve some of the pain.

"Who are you?" I held my arm and tilted my head down.

The old man glared at Niall and Liam as they tried to express their deepest apologies for not telling me anything.

"I am so sorry for this foolishness. Come sit down and have some tea. I will sum up everything for you."

I sat on his green-colored sofa and Niall brought me some tea. The old man sat down on the recliner and leaned forward, "Now as I am telling you this, I want you to keep your comments to yourself until I am completely finished, understand?"

I nodded.

He leaned back and took a deep breath, "You were born in the line of the assassin. Not just any assassin, though, the top level assassins known to man. When you were born your mother and father, our leaders, were quite young yet they were in deep danger. Your mother wanted what was best for you so they decided to send you to a foster home so you can live a normal, happy life but it seems that your foster parents sent you to that asylum instead. Any who, they have come to me, the oldest, to take you and raise you when you turn eighteen. They wanted us to train you everything so you can know the way of the assassin. They want to return and see you become a great enforcer."

"Now hear me out, my boy, your parents love you so very much, it's just that if you stayed around the others would try to hurt you or maybe even kill you. Now for us, we will teach you everything you need to know starting with Niall, teaching combat. Aaron will teach your chemistry and medications with poisons. Liam will test your stealth and I will help with strategy and the state of mind."

My heart skipped a beat while I was trying to soak it all in, "So how long will this training be?"

The old man held up his hands, "Whoa there boy. The training all depends on you and your dedication."

I crossed my arms and tilted my head back looking at the ceiling fan, "Then who are you?"

"I am your parents' friend, my name is Ross McCreed."

Someone came in and it was an average size white man, dressed in all black like the rest. He seemed to be Canadian as he spoke, "It is a pleasure to be your teacher, I am Aaron Burns."

I just nodded and resumed looking up at the ceiling. Aaron seemed to be around my age but maybe a year older. Right then I felt a bump right next to me and it was Aaron plopping down onto the seat next to me. He just smiled at me and drank his iced tea.

"Caden, do you like porcelain dolls?"

He asked such a random question but I answered, "Not really."

Aaron wiped his forehead, "Phew, I am extremely afraid of those demons." I felt like laughing but held it in.

The awkward silence continues between everyone in the room and then all of a sudden Niall comes barging in, "Ross, you better come see this immediately."

When we all went into the kitchen, there was a large, black, Rottweiler with a note in his mouth. He goes up to it and the dog sits and widens its dark eyes as he grabs the note.

Ross opens it and reads it silently. When he was done, he looked up at me with his face getting serious, "It looks like your training will be going at a faster pace. Hopefully you are a quick learner."


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