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Onyx Claret

Novel By: TheFallenAngel

Caden was depressed and thought that life was never for him. He was always there to mope. One day a group of so called Assassins come and help him escape from a psychiatric hospital. This is his journey of him finding out that he is the Onyx Claret. View table of contents...


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Chapter 2

The way of the Assassin



I got whacked on the first day of training and I lay on the floor waiting to just give up already.

"Come on Caden, be a man." I heard Niall laughing as he stuck out his hand for me, "Ever heard of dodging?"

"Don't make fun of the kid, Niall." Liam walks up to me and smiled, "Don't take it to heart, Niall thinks he is a joker but doesn't realize what his is truly talking about. Here I'll give you a quick tip." he leaned in close, "always dodge until he runs out of breath and once you see hesitation, go for the strike." He held up his thumb in approval as he walked away.

I nodded and looked into Niall's bright blue eyes. I gave him one of those serious looks to show I get it now. Niall smiled and went straight to me. I anticipated his moves very well and dodged any hard blows. I heard a slight heavy hesitation in Niall and so I punched him straight in the mid-stomach area. He fell to the ground and Liam clapped as Niall got up and smiled, "Not bad for a beginner, you can definitely pack a punch."

Old man Ross walked off the porch and went straight for Liam. He whispered something in his ear and Liam nodded and looked straight towards me. When he left, Liam signaled to Niall. Niall nodded and put his hand on my shoulder, "I want you to concentrate and hit this here tree as hard as you can, no hesitation nor holding back, got it?"

I sighed and turned to the tree. I laid out my hands in front of me and hit the tree with all my might letting the pain shoot straight into it.

"You need to concentrate, Caden, feel as if your life depended on this and just pretty much go with the flow and feel."

I closed my eyes and thought deeply. As I opened them back up I looked in front where the tree stood. I concentrated a little more and then all of a sudden my body started heating up and the sensation sent my heart pounding. I swung at the tree trunk letting it hit precisely where I wanted it to be and a loud crack followed. As I returned to normal the tree fell.

"You did it! I knew you could do it all along! You are definitely that kind." I heard Niall screaming with joy. Everyone heard and they all stepped out seeing that the tree was on the ground with me standing beside it. Aaron crossed his arms of approval and Old man Ross laughed.

"We will definitely be able to defeat Sarah especially with this kind of power!" yelled Niall.

"Who is Sarah?"

"A Demon." Liam exclaimed.

"The enemy." Ross corrected.

I heard rusting up in the trees and a loud, girl like voice shouted, "You boys are so rude!" A woman, who

looked like to be nineteen, floated to the ground. She smiled, "Well, Well, what do we have here?" She went over to me and pressed her finger on her chin to make it look like she was observing me. She had honey brown eyes and dirty blonde hair, "Looks like this year is going to be a fun one."

"Stay off of him, Sarah," Niall stepped in, "You shouldn't even be here right now."

She walked over to Niall and touched his soft, pale face so she could run it down until she got to his pink lips using her index finger, "You can't stop me, my little leprechaun." She smirked and everyone stood there awkwardly.

All of a sudden, Aaron bursts out laughing. Sarah quickly turns her head to him and showed him disgust, "What's so funny, shorty?"

Aaron got quiet and I could tell he got irritated, "I am not technically short, it is just a Canadian aspect."

"Short is short. Now where was I? Oh yes, the new boy toy." She turned to look at me again, "I saw that tree stunt. Did you really do that with just your bare hands?"

I just nodded letting the fear strip down my spine.


"Get out of here, Sarah. You saw what you wanted to and now you do not need to come back here." Ross demanded.

She spun around so her hair flew into my face. She flew back into the trees and aimed at me with her index finger and her thumb, "I'll see you soon, cutie." She then winked at Niall.

I jumped when Liam tapped my shoulder. I expressed a blank look across my face. He shuffled my

hair and smiled, "Don't worry, she always acts this way. Don't be fooled though, she is a lot tougher than how she may appear."

"She touched me! I can't believe she touched me!" Niall screamed and started to freak out.

Aaron starts laughing again, "She is so into you."

"Shush it, Aaron. It's your turn to train Caden anyways." Ross declared and slammed his cane on the white concrete, "We must work quickly for him to learn more quicker." Old man Ross went back inside.

Aaron slapped my back, "You ready? For this, we are going to the basement."

I shrugged and followed him.

The basement was pretty big but was packed with black top lab tables. On each table, there were racks full of test tubes and glass pipes surrounding the ceiling. He took me over to the middle table and stopped me at the corner of it.

"Welcome to my laboratory. I normally use this to make medications and occasionally, I poison weapons for our assassin's to use. Today we will just do some basic medications. Using a light green herb and my secret ingredient, you can heal in seconds once you use it properly." He pointed to the far left corner of the room, "Go get me that, will you?"

I picked up the small leaf and it felt incredibly smooth to the touch. I looked down to Aaron and he was setting everything up so I walked on over to him and peered down.

Aaron grabbed the leaf from my hand, "Thanks, exactly what I need. Now, I want you to just observe and after you will do it exactly the way I show you so pay very

close attention." He grabbed a large butcher knife and chopped the herb into smaller pieces. After, he used his hand and pressed down very slightly. He scooped it up and placed them into a small test tube. He grabs a glass flask with a yellowish liquid inside. "My secret ingredient." He then poured it on top of the herb in the tube, capping it. He shook the bottle in a perfect vertical motion and opened the cap putting it back on the rack. He then grabbed the butcher knife, "Let me see your hand. Don't worry, I just want to show you what it can do." I put out my hand and he slit my palm diagonally. Letting the blood drip onto the table, he took the tube from the rack and put the solution on my open wound. He told me to close my hand gently. As I did so the slight pain began to ease quickly. I opened my hand and the wound was completely gone as if that never even happened.

Aaron started laughing, "It's like magic right?"

"Where did you learn that from?"

"My trainer. Unlike you, I was just trained in mainly chemistry and medications. My trainer said it was like magic too but the soft herb that is mixed with this solution heals more damaged cells in seconds and repairs your skin in a heart beat. After, it dissolves in your body which you just saw a little bit ago."

"Wow." I was in complete amazement.

"Anyways, it is your turn now. My ingredient is right here on the table."

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, letting my body take over my actions. After I envisioned on how it was done, my body took over. I saw everything that I was doing but I didn't control anything. When it was done, Aaron slit his hand and I poured the thick solution onto his

palm. He was ready for pain but according to his face he felt no pain whatsoever. He muttered quietly, "No pain, no pain at all during the process." He looked up at me in shock, "It is your first time doing something like this right?"

I nodded.

"This is professional work to be able to feel no pain at all. Do you have any experience with chemistry and medication?"

"Not really. I don't really control my body when I am doing these kinds of things."

Aaron hugged me, "We are going to see if you can master the other skills so quickly. You don't even need the training!" he grabbed my wrist and pulled me upstairs to where Liam was, as he was drinking some tea, Aaron shouted, "Liam! Teach him! He can master my skills on a professional level!"

Liam smiled and looked over to me, "Well then, ready to learn how to attack without getting caught?"

Liam took me into the forest, "Now everything is all set up and they will be expecting you but they do not know when. Your goal is to take every single one of these men/dummies without getting caught using strategic skills and stealth. The main thing is to hide anywhere that you can so you can blend into the darkness. There are two real men and four dummies that have an alarm system if you get caught so you will have to attack them from behind and take out their power. Now the rest you are on your own. Good luck, kid."

I shut my eyes and let the warmth overrule me. Once I opened my eyes it became very dark. Everything was not visible except for the sounds of the people and

dummies. I swiftly moved around the trees and once I moved up close enough to be able to grab them. I grabbed his leg and pulled him down holding on his mouth. The man was Niall and he gave me two thumbs up. Then I moved on around the trees to my next victim who I assumed was Aaron.

He turned around quite frequently but in a pattern. I was able to stand behind a tree that was behind him. I grabbed around and pulled in Aaron. I covered his mouth and he nodded in my success.

Next were the four dummies who were all in the same area moving their heads around in circles. I took a deep breath and held it as I got closer into a shrub. I reached in and tore off his back to where the power was and shut him down. I put him in the bushes and carried on. After I took down the other two, there was one left where the battery looked like it was on the top of its head instead of on the back like the others. I stayed hidden in the darkness. The orange power laid on top of its yellow head. I reached up and tried to grab it but had to turn quickly. I attempted once more and this time more quicker and was able to power it off and hide it in the bushes. I pushed back towards Liam as he was surprised as well.

"You truly are a prodigy. That was the best stealth for a beginner that I have ever seen."

My mind turned back to my normal self, "Thanks, I think."

Old man Ross protruded from the forest and had an angry look, "Come on boy, I am going to test your strategy."

I followed him to a cliff. He told me to go to the edge and soak up the scenery. I looked down and I saw the

hard, sharp rocks that the vicious tide struck but as I moved farther up, it showed the calm, blue ocean. It cared the hell out of me when Ross gave me a slight push and I nearly fell.

"You must soak in the environment so you can plan anything and everything out. If you don't know your surroundings well enough this helps but you must always be on your guard. If I pushed you any harder than I did, you would have been dead."

"What does this have anything to do with strategy?"

He mumbled, "What does it have to do with strategy?" then he raised his voice for me to hear, "I want to know your state of mind you are in, ,if you have a weak mind, you will always have no control of your actions."

"To be completely hones with you, I don't have control of myself but sometimes I can say the movements and I will do it." I faced the ground.

"Where does this happen, boy?"

"Doing the physical and emotional training. I black out and my body moves by itself, I mean I can see everything but I have no control whatsoever."

Ross moved in closer to me and studied my face, "Are you wearing contacts?" and he points his finger near my eyes.

I turned my heard, "Yes, but I put them in so they will stay like that."

"What happened if they are not there?"

"When I lose my contacts, my eyes turn to a crystal blue with a dark outline around the iris. I don't know why it does that but that is the source of my power."

"Can you control it by changing?"

I shook my head, "It's like I said, I can't control it

but in my true form I have a little bit more control."

"Can you show me now? I may know what is going on as long as I may see it."

I sighed and took out my green contacts and shut my eyes. I concentrated when I felt my heat shift to high temperatures. I opened my eyes and felt the change. Ross stood there in amazement. Not only did my eyes change, my feathered hair turned blond, and my skin was as fair as an Angel's.

"I…I can't believe this." He looked closer at me and I could tell he was very interested in my true form then my cover form.

"Can you turn back?"

I took a deep breath and put my contacts back in and I turned back to normal, "only when I have my contacts."

"I can't believe this! I have never seen one in real life. The true Onyx Claret! But why isn't your blood black? Aaron said it was dark red like a normal human."

"I hid it. My real blood hides within this body and when I put in my contacts it hides and when I go to my true form, I have the black blood but I didn't know why."

Right before Ross said anything else, something like wind, flung straight into my left shoulder. I fell to the ground looking up at the sky with my vision failing. I felt the urge to cry but there were no tears to shed.

I used my right arm to see how much blood I was losing. It was a lot. The intensity of my flesh and blood stuck my nerves and I screamed in agony. Blood was all over my hand. Then all of a sudden I blacked out but the last thing I heard were the footsteps and people shouting out my name, "Caden! Caden, hang in there!"


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