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Onyx Claret

Novel By: TheFallenAngel

Caden was depressed and thought that life was never for him. He was always there to mope. One day a group of so called Assassins come and help him escape from a psychiatric hospital. This is his journey of him finding out that he is the Onyx Claret. View table of contents...


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Chapter 3

The Allies



I woke up and saw the wood ceiling of the cabin. I tried sitting up but failed because the pain was too much. Aaron came into the room, "I am so glad you are alright. I did the best I could and patch you up. I have just never seen this type of wound before."

Ross stood up from his chair, "Be glad you changed before you blacked out or you would have not made it through."

I used my right hand to rub my forehead as it was taking relief of any pain, "What happened?"

"I am not quite sure there. Whatever happened, though, you lost a lot of blood."

I was able to sit up slowly now and Aaron exclaimed, "How come you never told us that you were an

Onyx Claret?!"

"I…I didn't know myself."

This time Niall stepped in alongside Liam, "Now we are definitely the strongest unit of assassins. You are the first Black Blood that has ever been on our side, now we can finally destroy Sarah."

Ross slammed his cane, "But first we need to hide the fact that he is but because of that attack, Caden will be in this form for quite a while stating the fact of his wound's condition."

They all looked at me, "It is kind of hard to hide such a unique beauty."

"Truly Niall has a point, but we just have to deal with it because he should stay in the cabin until he is fully healed." Liam suggested fiercely.

Ross stuck out his old cane at both of them, "No, we cannot hide him from the world. We will just say he is from another country if anyone asks, but what country is the question."

They all went deep into their thoughts until I suggested, "How about Antarctica?"

"Perfect, since you have the complexion and your eye color matches ice."

"Then it is settled. I will be going to take him to meet some of our allies." Liam announced, "I'll take him this afternoon."

"Make sure you cause no trouble at all. Keep him safe from any harm and if you don't you will suffer the utter most punishment." Ross stated clearly.

I laid back down and shut my eyes, "I will just rest until then."


Liam woke me up, "Caden, it is time to go."

I sat up and rubbed my head so I will feel no pain. Aaron came in with a test tube and handed it to me, "Here, this should relieve any pain for at least five hours."

I looked at it and it was a purple color, "Um, thanks. I'll take it when we arrive."

We got into the car and this time I got to sit in the passenger seat. As we got settled I looked in the side mirror. My hair was blond, my eyes were that crystal blue color, and my skin fair as an Angel's. Ross never gave me my contacts back so even if I do heal, I will still have to bear with my true form.

Liam said it was just casual wear so they gave me a red long-sleeved, plaid shirt, dark blue skinny jeans, and black converses. They told me that I look more like a regular teenager.

"Don't get scared if one of the men hit on you. They do that as a joke."

I put my head on the back of the seat and waited until we arrived.

When we got there, I took the tube out of my pocket and drank the whole thing leaving it in the car. We arrived at a club called Angel's Wings, and inside there was a beautiful angelic statue situated in the front waiting room.

Liam told the host, "Sin three." The host bowed and lead us in the back red room. There was a large square table with a booth surrounding it. Five other people were sitting and once they say me they stood up.

We all shook hands real quick and all of a sudden, a tall man in a white sweater vest and blue jeans said, "I knew the Onyx Claret was coming but I didn't expect him to be such a beauty!" They all sat down but the man stared

at me awkwardly.

I sat on the end next to Liam because I was afraid of what they might do to me as a joke.

I looked over to Liam and he lipped, "It's okay."

The dark skinned man spoke in a deep tone, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Caden, my name is Nathaniel."

The Mexican man spoke in a bit higher pitched tone, "My name is Enrique."

An Italian man introduced himself, "Altair." and he pointed to his Italian friend, "and this is my dear friend, Machiavelli."

The man that called me a beauty said, "I'm Alexander." and he gave me a wink.

The last man stood quiet while everyone else looked at him. Once he removed his hood, I realized he is no he but a she. Her medium length blonde hair situated perfectly onto her shoulders and her eyes a lilac purple, "My name is Lily." She had a quiet angelic voice.

"Two beauties in our presence! Isn't this luck and so amazing?!" Alexander sounded way too excited.

"Thank you all for being here." Liam said.

"It's nothing. We all wanted to see the Onyx Claret."

"I expected that you wouldn't come, Lily. You usually don't go to things such as this."
She glared at me, "I just wanted to see what the Onyx Claret was like. I just didn't expect him to look like this. Usually, they are more devil like then angelic."

"He is a lot more powerful than any normal Black Blood. He can't quite yet control most of his strength yet but he will learn."

"Is he out of control now?"

"Well do you see him as chaotic."


"Then there you go."

"What happened to his shoulder?" asked Altair.

"A Breather." Lily muttered.

"A Breather? No, impossible, no such thing."

I just had to ask, "What is a Breather?"

Lily was the one to explain to me, "They are weak in structure but very powerful. They can manipulate and control the wind. They can make wind as sharp as a blade. They are the reason Onyx Claret's are rare."

I sat back and held my left shoulder to where my wound was. No pain shot through because of that medicine I took earlier that Aaron gave me. Everyone got up and chatted amongst themselves while Lily and I stayed seated.

Lily kept gleaming at me with her lilac colored eyes, "Why do you keep staring at me like that? It's making me feel uncomfortable."


"How what?"

She scooted closer to me and looked up at me even closer as I dawdled with fingers. I got tensed up and she touched my hand gently and I calmed down. The only thing that wasn't calm was my beating heart beat.

"Is your body calm but your heart is racing?"

At that moment I thought that she could read my mind or something like that for she guessed so correctly it was scary.

"I can see it in your face. I am special just like you, Caden, it's just that I am not as powerful as yourself. My kind can control your blood flow that connects with


I just said ah and she looked at me again, "You miss them don't you?"

"I don't know who you are talking about."

"I can tell you miss your mother even though you haven't seen her since you were born and taken to a foster care. No, I can read your past with your flow. My parents died by Breathers. Sarah has a couple of Breathers that I would like to destroy."

"Your parents were Onyx Clarets?"

"Yeah but the demonic ones unlike yourself. They pretty much look exactly opposite from you."

"So what kind are you?"

"I don't want to say right now because only Liam knows. I mean I know it is wrong to keep secrets from our allies but they would hate me and think differently of me. They would call on me more often to break up fights between each other."

She kept her hand on mine. I didn't feel like moving it because I felt her warmth that helps me cool down, "But you told me what you do yet, oh never mind, the other guys."

"Yeah, how about I tell you outside in the alley so the others don't hear."

She stood up and I followed her out. Once I closed the door behind me, she leaned against the wall and I walked over there to lean against with her. She and I both looked up at the sky as it was becoming dark quite early.

"I'm a Sapphire. Like I said I can control your blood flow that connects with your emotions. I can also choose to suffocate someone or cut off their blood flow completely and kill them. The only thing though is that I am vulnerable

and fragile so I always need someone there to protect me from any harm as I am creating harm to someone."

I kept looking up at the sky, "When you found out you were a Sapphire, how did you react?"

She sighed, "Well I was very excited and way too cocky with it. One day that hit me and I got hurt. Luckily Aaron was there to save me. That changed my ways and I became more careful."

"I didn't know how to respond when he told me I was an Onyx Claret. I got hit when he told me and if I didn't transform to my true form, this, then I would have died."

"Well being an Onyx Claret, you have a lot of things to worry about. Sarah will probably try to steal you away after seeing you confused about what side you are truly on."

I leaned more against the wall and sat on the ground putting my hands on the top of my head. I thought about why I became a Black Blood.

Liam barges outside and tells Lily, "We are under attack and we need to go now." He turns to me, "Caden come one and follow me, stay close."

I nodded and we all went back in. Liam's face was in shock and so I traveled to where his eyes connected and what we saw was truly outrageous.


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