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Onyx Claret

Novel By: TheFallenAngel

Caden was depressed and thought that life was never for him. He was always there to mope. One day a group of so called Assassins come and help him escape from a psychiatric hospital. This is his journey of him finding out that he is the Onyx Claret. View table of contents...


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Chapter 4

Release of the Demon Inside



Bodies were everywhere on the floor, there was blood splattered all on the walls and in the carpet. Bodies were split in half or decapitated. The others were just badly sliced or had been sliced with poison in it.

"Whoever did this, did this fairly quick." Liam said out of breath and in shock still of all the dead bodies, including most of our allies, dropped and splattered.

There was a note hanging on one of the pillars and it read:

Dear all assassins that are associated with the Onyx Claret,

Give the Onyx Claret up or me and my Breathers will hunt and destroy every one of your allies. As you can tell my Breathers got carried away and destroyed this entire club

with anyone in it. So give him to me, I will be waiting on the docks at eleven p.m. tonight so you better be there.



"Don't worry, Caden, we will keep you safe and sound. Lily, Niall, and I will go to the docks while you wait safely in the cabin."

"I am not staying at the cabin, she wants me and I have all the power and knowledge even when I am not in control or in control."

Liam sighed, "There is no way to stop you, is there?"

I shook my head.

"Alright then but you must not get too far ahead of yourself which can get you killed."

Lily stepped in, "Caden, I want you to stay by my side in case anything happens. I can make them forget that you are their target."

Alright, let's go back to the cabin. All this fleshy blood is making me feel dizzy." I rubbed my forehead.

Liam turned to Lily, "Come on, Lily, you are going to come with us to the cabin."

She nodded and we left the club immediately especially if the cops are involved.

When we got to the cabin I felt a shot of pain shoot through my body and I fall to my knees. I clenched my teeth so I don't cry out bloody murder. The medication was wearing off.

Lily came over and touched my back, "Are you alright?"

I just nodded and so she headed towards the cabin.

I got up and I heard rustling through the trees. When I leaned in to see what it was, it was a little girl. She had a sad, desperate look across her face. I wondered if she was lost. She smiled then ran away laughing. I wondered if she wanted to show me something so I followed behind her.

She disappeared in a meadow. I looked around to see if I can see her anywhere but she is no where in sight. All of a sudden I heard rusting from behind me but before I was able to turn around my arms were restrained. In front of me stood Sarah and I guessed her Breather.

She smirked, "Well well, why is a little lamb here?"

I got irritated, "What do you want?" After I said that, the person holding me squeezed my arms tighter and I felt a shoot of incredible pain in my entire arm to my shoulder.

"Isn't it obvious though? I want you. I want you to come to our side and it seems we can't talk it out of you so when your little friends come over to the docks, we will torture them in front of you until you come to our side."

I stayed silent and looked down. I then muttered, "How do you know its me when I look different?"

She started laughing and so did the others, "It's so obvious because you are so different then any other human." she moved in closer to me, "Don't worry dear, it will be over soon anyways." She looks at her watch, "Oh my it's already almost eleven." She snapped her fingers and we headed for the docks.


We stood there with a Breather holding on to me still with rope wrapped around my wrists. Out in the distance you see Niall, Liam, and Lily walking up. Each of them having a serious look across their faces. I looked down about to cry for what may happen. I was thinking

"Thanks a lot, Sarah. You do have a kind heart somewhere inside of you."

"Yeah, yeah, now scram before I change my mind."

I bowed my head and left immediately out of the place. I looked around to see where I was and I saw the docks not too far ahead. I ran there and didn't see Liam or Niall but Lily was there on the edge with her feet hanging off of the docks.

I sat beside her and she jumped. When she saw that it was me she smiled but then when she got a good look at me she saw all the blood and frowned, "What happened."

"I killed a couple of people."


I shook my head, "No, her Breathers."

She looked at me in amazement, "I'm not going to ask how but that is amazing."

"How is Liam?"

"I don't know. I stayed here. Niall was able to get up and take Liam to the cabin safely. He called me."

I touched her arm, "Are you okay?"

She nodded, "Yeah I'm fine. I was able to decrease my blood flow a little so I could heal faster."

"I see. We should head back before we run into Sarah again."


We walked over to a nearby car and Lily rewired it and we drove off to the cabin.

Once we were inside, I slammed the door open so I could see Liam right away and know he was alright but I found something else that I didn't want to see.

blood splattered and drooled over my entire hands. I didn't like this but I was not in real control. I moved over to the other one who had tears in his eyes. He begged me to stop and he won't do anything anymore but the demon inside of me wouldn't listen and grabbed him by the neck and slamming him against the wall. I squeezed so hard his neck snapped and he was gone. I still grabbed his arm and ripped his head off of his body and threw it next to Sarah who was petrified.

I towered over her as she laid there scared for her life. I shook my head and saw how afraid she was of me and my own true self took over and landed on my knees. Blood was everywhere on myself and so I put my hands up through my blond turned blood red hair, "I'm sorry." Tears covered my eyes.

Sarah looked over to me and laid a hand on my shoulder, "What was that?"

"I guess you can call it the demon inside of me. Even I am afraid of it because I have no control."

"I…I underestimated your power. I am sorry for torturing you like that. I just thought…"

"I know." I looked up at her with blood splattered on my face, "Can I please go home to my friends?"

"You know I won't give up on you right?"

I just shook my head.

"Okay. I'll let you leave, but promise me you will have control over this because you might hurt your friends in the end."

"Why are you being so nice to me?"

"I feel bad for you. You can't even control something in you and you don't even mean the things you do."

and deeper breaking into me. She smiled and got overly excited with the blood covering the entire silver of the knife.

She took a deep breath, "Okay, I'm okay now. I'm sorry, I had to do that Caden. It's just so that you will obey whatever my command is."

I took in deep breaths, trying to let air soak into my body. My vision got a little fuzzy but I held on. I can feel more warmth overwhelm me and my skin healing itself. I felt like tears were going to flow and they did. They filled my face. The pain was gone. Not even the pain in my arm was there. I felt uncontrollable.

I felt incredible power sink into my very soul and then ripping sounds rang from my ears as I was tearing the vines off my wrists. Sarah slipped back shocked. She said, "How…How is this possible?"

"I am a lot more powerful than you thought I was, Sarah." I felt it control me. I ran for her and she desperately cried out. Before I crushed the living life of her, my real side kicked in and I felt bad for her but then at that very moment I heard wind blow into me. I turned and saw her two Breathers helping her. They were on each side of the room up above.

I went after one of them and as they tried to defend themselves, they were too late. I grabbed him and threw him across the room to hit the other one. Even though I was the same size as them but thinner, I pack a lot more punch then their wind.

I grabbed a hold of the dark one and stepped on the back of his legs to hear a loud snap and a cry for help. I stepped over him and put his head between my hands. I said if only you chose right. I crushed his head and the

Niall and Lily just looked at each other and then looked at me apologetically. I lipped, it's okay, to them and they took me away. They dragged me into the car.

We arrived in a dark area full of vines. There were a few tomb stones along with it. Sarah tied me up with some vines that took my body and slammed me against the wall. I squeezed my lips together to take away the pain.

Sarah ran her hand down the side of my face, "Isn't it nice to have such a beauty in our presence. I'm just glad your powers are null while you are in this state."

I just glared at her.

"Well that stare isn't very nice, Caden. I think bad boys need to be punished. Wait here." She left the room.

I turned my body and tried pulling down my arms but there was no hope in escaping. I looked up at the dark ceiling and hoped for the best. I know it is weird that I wanted to die back then and now I want to live. It is probably because I made so many friends. If I was myself I wouldn't have cared much that they have died but with them getting tortured in front of me made my heart pump. They made my chest hurt.

Sarah was back and she brought a bag. She took out the dark whip and kissed it gently, "This is what I have always wanted to do." She put the whip far back and struck my body. I knew I was going to get hurt.

I felt skin tearing off as she whacks me with each hard throw. She laughed hysterical after each hit. Then she said she got bored and took out a knife. She turned it side to side and licked the flat side. She smiled at me and went close to my face. She slid the tip of the knife on the side of my face without breaking skin.

She then slid it down my chest letting it sink deeper

about yelling to tell them that it was a trap but I thought again about the two Breathers that could hurt me incredibly.

Liam looked at me, "Caden?" He turns over to Sarah, "What the hell, Sarah? Give him back to us."

She shrugged, "I said I'll use force and I'm doing this just in cast I need to."

Niall walked up closer, "Sarah, just give him back."

"Why would I do that? But it looks like you won't be giving him to me anyways so…" She signaled one of her Breathers that wasn't restraining me and he took out his hand and blew. Niall was then on the floor, hurt.

"Don't hurt him, Sarah!" I screamed. I didn't want to see him hurt so badly.

She looked at me and smirked. She signaled to Liam and the Breather sliced him too. Lily uncovered her hood and squinted. She nodded her head and the Breather was on the ground coughing up blood. Sarah looked over and got mad and took out a black whip. She whipped her, hard. Lily fell to the ground.

"Fine! Take me! Just don't hurt them anymore, please!"

Sarah laughed.

Then all of a sudden, I heard a grunt, "Sarah, you will never take him away." Liam was getting up holding his side. His blood was pouring out in handfuls. I shut my eyes and heard more blood spill. When I opened them, Liam was on the floor, this time he eyes were shut. I didn't know a person can lose that much blood in such a short enough time.

"Well then, are the rest of you going to stand up for him?"


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