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Fend on your own

Novel By: tigerscurse

Rain and Ivy are alone in the forest. A flood separated them from their family. Now they are left to fend on their own. Fend on your own is about the terrible experience these to cats had. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 24, 2012    Reads: 7    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Chapter 4 Unexpected Visitor

Rain followed the scent of prey. He saw a plump mouse nibbling on a nut. He dropped into a crouch and slowly and stealthily made his way toard the mouse. He leaped and bit the it. He buried it and kept on looking. As he went he thought about his dream.

Filled with darkness. With a flash of light. Then a wail. A unmistakable wail. Ivys. Suddenly a mouse scrabbled a few rabbit hops in front of him. He stealthily crept toward it and pounced. He tossed it up and as it landed he finished it. He grasped it's warm body and went to the other mouse. He buried the mouse beside the other one and then he heard a rustle. He turned and let his claws slide out. A gray and white cat glided out. She shined unnaturally and Rain didn't recognize her. She looked like Stream and River but didn't hold the same power they did. "Hello Rain," she purred, her voice quiet and melodic.

Rain felt mesmerized by her and felt like he knew her. "Who are you?" he managed. The cat laughed. "Oh Rain," she mewed. "I'm Moon." Rain stumbled back. His mate, who had died bearing his kits, looked sadly at the ground. "I'm not what I used to be," she sighed. "No..No," he choked. "Your perfect. I never got over you." His mind raced back when he was hunting a couple months ago. Moon had bumped into him and they had fallen in love. Soon after Moon was pregnat and having his kits. She had lost so much blood she had died. The kit who was pure white died with her. Rain felt pain overcome him.

Moon sighed. Her dark blue eyes pierced him with everlasting sorrow. "Rain," she meowed. "Don't waste your time in the past. When the present, is right in front of you." Rain looked in her eyes, searching for the answer. She turned and with a last sorrowful glance at Rain disappeared, almost literally. Rain collapsed on the ground his head swimming. Moon, his mate who died giving birth to a kit that died with her, was just here. Was the world falling apart? Letting all the dead cats he had ever loved, roam and give out advice? Rain didn't know what it was, but he got up and continued to hunt. He caught a chaffinch and a sparrow and went back to the mice. He picked those up and went back to the cave.

He wasn't expecting what he saw.

A dark brown tom with amber eyes was going in. "Hey!" Rain yowled. The tom glanced at him and pelted in. Rain raced after him dropping the prey near the front. Ivy was near the back washing herself, and she screamed when the two toms pelted in. "Rain!" she yelped. "Whose he!"


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