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A Day In The Life Of Something New

Novel By: tika123love

Emily Jones must face the cruel world without her parents. Because they've died. View table of contents...


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Hi, I'm Emily Jones.
I understand happy endings but, this story doesn't even have a happy beginning.

I woke up on my best friend Grace's couch. My back felt stiff from sleeping there
all night. But it was worth it. I haven't seen her in six months. She was moved to a
different school after moving to her Grandmother's for a while. I groaned and turned
on the couch. I sat up and ran my fingers through my dark hair. I picked up my phone to
check the time. It was 11:45 am. When I turned away from the phone, I realized Grace
wasn't in the living room. As I turned my head and searched the room for her, I saw
Elizabeth. Grace's mother. She had light hair and brown eyes. She was always so sweet to
me and Grace. "Do you know where Grace is, Mrs. Smith?" I asked her, a little more quiet
than I intended. She was holding a big steaming plate. It was covered with Pancakes, Eggs,
Bacon, and much more. She always makes the best food. It looked and smelled good. She
walked slowly to the couch and sat beside me. She nodded. "Yes, Emily. She's
upstairs. Getting ready." Her voice dropped to a whisper as she looked down. Of course. Her
and her family are always doing something impossibly amazing. Always so fun and exciting.
"For what?" I asked her, still looking at the food. She caught my gaze and handed me a Biscut.
I took it in my hands and nodded in thanks. It felt so warm. I took a small bite out of it and it
tasted even better than it smelled. I could feel the butter on my tongue. Her eyes dropped away
from me again. She looked pained as she took my hand in hers. "For your parents funeral. They
were in a car crash late last night. The bodies weren't as damaged as they seemed. You and Gracie
were sleeping and we didn't want to wake you... James and I have already payed for the funeral."
Her voice cracked at each "funeral". She squeezed my hand and fought back a tear. I didn't know
what to say. My heart sunk. I stuttered with no words. I picked up my phone and saw that I had
one missed text. This can't be happening, I thought. This can't be real. I opened the text only to
see who it was from. "My mother..." I whispered. I could feel the warmth of my tears streaming
down my face. "Are you okay, Emily?" She asked me. I still didn't know what to say. The thought
of this being real crushed the sparkle in my eyes. I gulped down hard and nodded. I sat up quickly
and walked up the stairs to Grace's room. I opened the door and she jumped lightly. "Oh. Emily."
She was brushing her hair on her big, blue bed cover. She got up and hugged me, fighting back
the smallest of tears. I hugged her tight and let out a sigh. I wasn't crying, but there were tears.
I sat on the bed next to her, wiping my face with my sleeve. "Where am I gonna stay?" I asked.
Grace looked up at me. "You could always stay with us." As she said that, the frown on her face
turned into a smile. It seemed like a fun idea. But I wasn't talking to her when I asked that question.
Just to myself... "Really?" I asked her. I was trying to seem excited, but who could be? At a time like
this, I mean. She nodded. We went back downstairs and Grace's parents said they'd drive me home to get ready
for the funeral. The car stopped and I hopped out and ran to the front door. It was locked. I reached under
the plant my mother bought so we could hide out spare key. Once I grabbed hold of the key I unlocked
the door and went inside. I expected to hear my mother's voice to see if it was me, but earlier's memories
reminded me of how I'd never hear that again. Not from my own parents at least. I got dressed and ran down
the stairs, locking the door on my way out. I didn't put the key back where it belonged, because I didn't
think it belonged there anymore. I attached it to the silver necklace I was wearing and got in the car.
We drove for what seemed like forever. And I wish it was. But sometimes forever just isn't enough.
The car finally stopped at a cemetery and I saw the chairs and everything else was still being set up.
We got out of the car and my phone rang, making me and a few others jump. It was Rachel. My closet
friend along with Grace. I answered the phone and sat on a bench. "Emily?" She asked. "Yeah," I answered.
"I heard about what happened. Are you okay?" She said. "Yeah, are you coming to the funeral?" I asked her.
"I'm at the funeral." She answered. At the funeral? "Then why'd you call?" I asked her, confused. "You're here
now?" She asked and I noticed her standing what looked like a thousand miles away from me. I hung up and
ran to her. She pulled me into a hug. Everyone around us were still setting up. "Sorry, Emily. I didn't know you
where here just yet." She said with a small smile on her face. "It's okay." I told her. "I'm glad you're here."
I hugged back and sat on the bench next to her, staring off at the people. It was cloudy and dark outside. Dark, but
only 2 PM. I played with the key around my neck and thought back to the day my dad decided we needed a spare
key. We'd gotten locked out of the house after my birthday dinner. And in the rain. The thought of that made me
smile. We laughed about it all night. But the smile quickly returned to my heart. Where I just knew I'd be keeping it for
a while.


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