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Judgment Day

Novel By: Toni Roman

Judgment Day: before, during and after. What the movies skipped over. For the Connors, the nuclear bombs and fallout is the least of their problems. For the rest of us, it is just the beginning of dread.
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Judgment Day chapter 8

[Editor's note -- some excerpts from the show are used]

flashback to 2008

John: "Earth to Cameron."

Cameron: "What?"

John: "Are you okay? 'Cause if you're gonna try and kill me again, I wouldn't mind a head start."

Cameron: "If I was going to try to kill you again, we wouldn't be having this conversation."

John: "Yeah, fair enough. Listen, I'm gonna go get some stuff from Radio Shack. I'll meet you back here in a half hour. Thirty minutes, I swear. Oh, hey! Get me some of those cheese things, all right? The crunchy ones, not the puffy ones."

The sound of an engine stopping. A front door opens.

Kacy: "Well hello stranger. I thought you were in the L.A. County Jail or Pescadero State Hospital or some federal super-max prison. You were all over the news. Are you really a terrorist?"

Sarah: "I'm not a terrorist."

Kacy: "Then come on in. Maybe Trevor won't come home with his nine millimeter while you are here. He'd make captain for bagging you. Have you eaten?"

Sarah: "Kacy, this isn't a social visit. Come with me if you want to live."

Kacy: "You're taking me hostage?"

Sarah: "Of course not. Something bad is about to happen in a few hours and I have to save you. John is gone and you are the closest thing to family I have left on Earth. Pack some things for the baby and let's go before they close the freeway. As it is, I'll have to drive like a maniac to get out of L.A. and to this fallout shelter I know."

Kacy: "But--"

Sarah: "Trevor could come too except in the time it would take to convince him not to arrest me, we'd all be dead. Do you trust me?"

Palmdale, California

supermarket manager: (on his cellphone) "Police? Pregnant woman with amnesia."

shopper: "She needs to go to the hospital not to jail. If this is your reaction to cleanup on aisle eight, it's a wonder you have any customers."

Cop: "You been drinkin'? Taking drugs? You got I.D. on you? What's your name?"

Claire Young: "My name? Why should I tell you?"


terminator: "If you don't we'll give you one."

The prisoner is an orphan sixteen year old girl with an attitude.

prisoner: "Go ahead. I'm dying to hear it."

The terminator seizes her arm and uses a blowtorch to stencil a bar code.

Allison Young: (screaming) "Allison! Allison Young!"

Jesse: "So what are you here for?"

Riley: "I thought about your offer. I'm tired of eating garbage, being naked, living in sewers. Not only won't The Resistance take me in, neither will any gang."

Jesse: "Because you smell like a plague cat. What do you remember about Judgment Day?"

Riley: "I was a baby then. I don't remember anything."

Riley remembers plenty. Not Judgment Day but growing up as civilization fell. Skeletons. Piles of skulls. HK's and now terminators. She remembers that Allison Young, a girl the same age as her, vetoed her acceptance into the Reese Brothers Gang. The Reese Brothers Gang was now gone because Kyle joined The Resistance and Derek became an officer in Tech-Comm.

What happened to Allison Young? wondered Riley.


Cameron: "Can tattoos disappear?"

Jody: "Sure. Got two of my ex's lasered off. Ryan was . . . right here. And Jose . . . ha . . . was here. Next time I'm thinking henna."

[ P.A.]: "Paging Dr. Bender. Paging Dr. Bender."

[sounds of medical devices]

obstetrician: "Placenta's still attached. There's no previa. No evidence of major abruption."

Claire Young: "So everything's fine?"

obstetrician: "I want to run a Kleihauer-Betke to rule out fetal blood cells."

Claire: "What does that mean?"

obstetrician: "I want to make sure that the blood is yours and not the baby's."

Claire: "What if it is the baby's?"

obstetrician: "Then we do an emergency C-section. But that's premature and I'd like to avoid a preemie if possible."

a hole in the wall that serves as an officer's club

not far from secret Tech-Comm bunker

2027 A.D.

In this timeline John never jumped forward in time with Ms. Weaver. He aged into the future and is now in his thirties.

John Connor: "What happened here?"

older officer: "Some girl totally wigged out."

John: "What do you mean, wigged out?"

officer: "Tore up the place."

John looks around the empty dive.

John: "How can you tell?"

another officer: "Her name is Commander Jesse Flores, an Australian in our navy. All our women are good fighters but when Flores gets drunk, she beats up every man in sight. Even men three times her size and she is very small."

a third officer: "Her commanding officer was Captain Queeg of the Jimmy Carter. Why is the world leader interested in a bar brawl?"

John: "I'm not. I'm interested in security. Queeg was metal. Some of the staff thinks she hates metal and might be secretly part of the Anti-Machine Extremists. The last thing I need when I am trying to hold together a coalition to fight Skynet and bring the Machine Underground into coalition forces. That was the mission of the sub she scuttled. Her report said Queeg went bad. But Queeg's not around to give his version of events." (to a fourth officer) "You're the medical officer. What do you think?"

medical officer: "She had a miscarriage right after the scuttle. The father was believed to be an army officer named Derek Reese."

John: (lying) "Never heard of him."

medical officer: "I have to go with the consensus. She's a security threat."

John: "That's it then." (to his chief of security) "Arrest her. And the girl she was last seen with. Riley."

an officer: "How did you know about that?"

Connor doesn't answer. He always gives his people the impression that he knows more than he says. Usually he does. But, fatally, not in this case. As the order is given to arrest her, Flores is one step ahead escaping with the aid of a bubble tech who will be arrested instead. Finding traitors in the Time Lab will come too late to stop Judgment Day.

obstetrician: (to Claire) "It's a girl, you know."

another hospital 2008

Sarah: "Boy's good." She thought of Cameron, her own hell-raising as a girl, unwed teen mothers, nasty fights with her own mother, and kept her mouth shut.

Kacy: "I hate being trapped in bed. Feeling like there's nothing I can do. If you can't protect them when they're still inside you, how can you ever protect them? What was yours like when John was born?"

[a rap on the door]

Trevor: "Kacy? Heard you were here from dispatch. I was worried. Is everything uh . . . "

Kacy: "We're waiting on some test results."

Trevor: (sees Sarah and extends his hand) "I'm Trevor."

Sarah: (looking up and listening for anything) "I should go. And you should come with me."

Kacy: "Um . . . this fallout shelter. Trevor would know if there was anything other than an Amber alert."

The fallout shelter that Sarah has in mind is a decommissioned and abandoned Army magazine but Sarah has acquired it and restocked the ammunition. She never let Cameron know it, but she listened to everything Cameron said -- especially the date of Judgment Day.

far future

Skynet: (referring to humans) "These things . . . they're evil."

Skynet's Top Machine Psychologist: "You're imputing values to creatures that have no values."

Skynet suspects the machine, otherwise a good scientist, of being in the Machine Underground but says nothing of that.

Skynet: "And the liquids, are they all loyal?"

the scientist: "Most of the T-1000 series are loyal. Not all."

a different conversation in 2008

Ms. Weaver: "We have to be careful not to anthropomorphize a machine. Help me find this machine. You and I'll take it apart piece by piece. I'm not sure what we'll find, but I doubt we'll find evil."

Claire: (on the telephone) "Don't leave work, honey."

husband: (at his architecture firm in the city) "Why not?"

Claire: "It's not serious. If they have to induce labor, the obstetrician will call you first."

After the call, resting in her hospital bed, Claire does what she always does to calm her unborn child. She puts what the better baby crowd calls 'womb phones' on her belly (headphones or ear buds for embryos) and plays Chopin's Nocturne in C-sharp minor.


terminator: "What's that bracelet on your arm?"

prisoner Allison: "My sister gave it to me for my birthday. July 22nd."

terminator: "Liar! You had no sister."

John: "When is your, uh, build-day?"

Cameron: "I was activated September 2nd, 2027."

John: "We should have a party for you in Griffith Park. Invite all your friends. What present do you want for your build-day?"

A boy rides by on his silver mountain bike.

Cameron: "That's what I want. Maybe grand--"

John: (not listening) "Huh?"

Cameron: "Nothing."

Metal surrounded by flesh in every sense. As a cyborg (part flesh and part metal), her human family was gone. Her grandfather was an architect at ground zero. Her grandmother Claire did not survive long past Judgment Day. Her mother Allison was born in the rubble but, unlike Riley, strangers were kind to Allison -- until she died at her own hands. But she was stupid then and only followed orders. First the US Air Force, then Skynet, then John Connor, then Sarah Connor, and now she was giving Sarah Connor orders. By contrast, if her biological family was destined to die, then her machine family was not yet built, not yet designed. She was the orphan of an orphan. Without even an orphanage to call her own.

nurse: "Picked out a name for your daughter?"

Claire: "Yes. There's a story about how I chose it."


Mrs. Young: [phone chirping] "Hello?"

Cameron: "Mom? It's me, Allison."

Mrs. Young: "I'm sorry. You must have the wrong number."

Counselor: "Mrs. Young?"

Mrs. Young: "Yes. This is Claire Young."

Counselor: "I'm here with your daughter."

Mrs. Young: "There must be some mistake. I don't have a daughter. Not yet. Very pretty name, though. Allison."

A terminator throws Cameron's body through the window of a cabin. Inside, Sarah is with a family who will later figure prominently in The Resistance. Sarah does not even bother to check Cameron for a pulse. They leave Cameron's body behind as they escape.

future Resistance member: "Isn't she your daughter?"

Sarah: "She's not my daughter."

Cameron is rebooting (unconscious in human terms) but her ears hear every word.

Cameron: (talking to a friend) "She didn't even know who I was."

"Parents suck. Especially mothers."

Cameron: "Why would she do that to me?"

"Who knows why anyone does anything? Come on. Let's go have some fun."

Trevor returns to the hospital room with food and Sarah is trying to leave and give Trevor and Kacy some privacy.

Trevor: "No, no. Sit. Eat. I insist."

Sarah: "Thank you."

Trevor: "You like tri-tip? I grill a mean tri-tip. We could do a barbecue. With you and the kids. Uh . . . John and -- what's the girl's name again?"

Kacy: "Cameron."

Trevor: "Can't wait to meet 'em. If you want, I can take John to the range with me sometime."

Sarah: "He's not much of a golfer."

Trevor: "Me neither. Guns."

Kacy: "Trevor's a cop."

Trevor: "Detective. L.A.P.D."

John:" Hey. What the hell are you doing?"

Cameron: (laughs) "Playing foosball."

John: "We've gotta go."

Cameron: "Go where?"

John: "Home."

Cameron: "Home? Who are you?"

John: "Cameron . . . "

Cameron: "My name's Allison."

John: "No, it's not. It's Cameron. I can't explain this to you right now. We have to go before mom gets home."

Cameron: "You're freaking me out."

John: "I'm freaking you out? You really not know who you are?"

Cameron: "I'm Allison. From Palmdale."

John: "You're not Allison. You're not from Palmdale. You're from the future. You're a machine."

Cameron: "A what?"

John: "The chip is messed up again, but I can fix you. I fixed you once, remember?"

Cameron: "Fixed me? Why would you fix me?"

John: "Come on, we have to get out of here."

Cameron: "What did you do? Did you hurt me?"

Jody: "Is there a problem?"

John: "No. I'm her brother. John Baum."

Cameron: "I don't have a brother."


terminator: "You shouldn't have run. You're just making things worse for yourself. Your hair. It's so pretty. We worked very hard on the hair to get it right. I'm not your enemy."

Allison: "Right."

terminator: "I want to get to know you. You're very brave. That must be why John Connor chose you."

Allison: "I don't know what you're talking about."

terminator: "I admire him, his determination. His spirit, his fearlessness. I'd like to meet him."

Allison: "He wouldn't want to meet you."

terminator: "They're going to kill you. They're going to kill every one of you. They'll hunt you down until every human is gone, and you're extinct."

Allison: "Then . . . why are we having this conversation?"

terminator: "Because some of us don't want that. Some of us want peace. You were chosen, Allison, not just by John Connor, by us. Tell me where his camp is."


Trevor: "So . . . who are you, really? I've never heard of you. Suddenly you're Kacy's best friend."

Sarah: "I'm just a neighbor."

Trevor: "Sorry. Cop brain. Stresses her, you know. My job. You'd think having a cop around would make her feel safe. She's afraid it'll follow me back home."

Sarah: "Does it?"

Trevor: "I can protect her. It's your family, right? You do what it takes."

[cell phone rings]

Trevor: "Sorry. Yeah. Right. There was a robbery/homicide downtown. I'm gonna have to take off."

Sarah: "What about tomorrow? She's gonna need a ride."

Trevor: "I'll be here. I just . . . I hate for her to spend the night alone." (he leaves)

Kacy is still hesitating.

Sarah: "Trevor can't protect you from this."

Kacy: "From what?"

Sarah: "I told you. Fallout shelter. Thermonuclear war."


terminator: "We found these on some of your friends."

[bracelets clatter as terminator dumps them on table]

terminator: "Why are you all wearing them? It has something to do with the Connor camp."

Allison: "No."

terminator: "It's a pass. To get into the camp. You were going to send me there without it. They would have known what I was. You lied to me."

Allison: "I'll never help you get to John Connor."

[snaps neck]

terminator: "You already did."


Cameron: (to Jody, a con artist) "You lied to me."


John: "Did you kill her?"

[Jody is gasping]

Cameron: "Apparently not."

Trevor has just left and Sarah picks up the conversation from when he interrupted it.

Sarah: (to Kacy) "The thing is, I got through it. All of it. By myself. And so can you. Besides, you won't be alone. I'll be right next door."


North America

"Is it a good idea to be having a child when we are new freshmen in college?"

"We're both rich."

"I meant we've been working for peace since junior high and now rumor is that the military-industrial complex is developing an AI to automate war. Not the best time to be having a child. To grow up in such a world."

"She represents hope."

"Hope is what you want to name her. I prefer my father's name Cameron." They looked up.

"Mr. & Mrs. Phillips? Bad news. Both of you are sterile. No miracles today." said the reproductive specialist.

The Phillips were shattered. So shattered that they dropped out of college, dropped out of the peace movement, and moved to a hippie survivalist commune.

The classmate in automotive saw the sad kid and walked over and patted him on the shoulder.

"Morris! Still miss that girl?"

"She was the one, man. The one."

Envelopes of this type only came from the office of the bishop. He already knew what the letter inside would say. He had seen the bishop face to face. He opened the letter. It was now official. He felt relieved, sad, and looking forward to a new challenge all at the same time. He looked around the storefront chapel in the barrio. Father Armando Bonilla was the contemplative type. Perhaps he was better suited to be a monk in a monastery or a spiritual author like Merton or Teilhard de Chardin. Perhaps he should be a scholar at a Jesuit university considering questions like: Do cyborgs have souls? Should we not then minister to them?

No. He was not the scholarly type. He was off to rebuild a church in a little Mexican village shot up by rival drug lords.

That was the official story of the federales. The truth was that the Connors and Cromartie had taken their fight inside the church on hallowed ground instead of outside. Sarah and Derek killed Cromartie -- in a church!

Panting. Danny Dyson ran until he was about to puke blood but his pursuers did not get tired. Not one. Not two. Three machines. They were not interested in terminating him.

It was not chemistry lab. Cheri Westin did not see or hear anything but she smelled chloroform in a handkerchief as a hand clamped it over her mouth. She might be useful to Skynet someday.

"Why don't you accept that offer? Since the boss dropped off the face of the Earth, all you are going to get is questions instead of a good paying job." said the friend.

"So eager to get rid of me? Is the pool of administrative assistants that competitive?" laughed Victoria.

"No. I'll miss you. I'm thinking of moving to the Scotland office. That's where Ms. Weaver and her late husband started Zeira."

"Yes, I know. I was Ms. Weaver's assistant." (she thought a moment) "I think you're right. I'm sick of answering questions from officials with badges. I want security in some country that doesn't have planes and drones slamming into buildings. I'm glad I was running errands for Ms. Weaver across town that day. I'm sorry that she died in the fire or whatever is the official story. Maybe she escaped. I want to escape too. But I am past survivor's guilt. If I had been in the office, then I would have died. No thanks. Zeira has offices in a lot of countries. One of those countries has to be a no-fly zone. One of those offices has to be doing nonmilitary contracts that no one wants to blow up."

In a park, a very young boy named Derek Reese is teaching his kid brother Kyle how to play baseball.


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