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Songs Of The Underworld Chapter 4

Novel By: vampirebreather

Tags: Death, Fantasy

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Submitted:Nov 3, 2010    Reads: 39    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

I didn't know what to do at all. I mean we were stuck up in an attic. Everyone downstairs was pissed of their heads. No one cares. What do we do? I have a dying sister and a blind sister. I am going to track down this black shadow man and I swear I will kill him. No matter what It takes. I will murderer the shadow man.
But those words of his rung through my head. Who was Celisa? And why did she want to see me? Where was she? How did I reach her? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO COPE?
Mia stopped screaming I gasped and hovered over her. She looked like she was on an operating table.
Mia screamed my name. She started shaking. Then her eyes shut and she looked like she was being pushed and pulled from all directions. It was so horrible. Then she was lifted into the air. Thrashing about and screaming my name. I didn't know what to do at all. Melisa stood forward.
"Edward," She said raising her hands up in the air. "I can help her. The man gave me power. He told me to use it whenever I needed it and we need it now. Hold me up please."
I lifted her up into the air. She threw her head back and pushed her hands towards what she thought was Mia. She hit the window instead the glass shattering and falling out of the window.
"Oh my God I don't know how to do this," She said shaking.
I held her further towards Mia, who was still hovering in the air screaming. Melisa caught her this time. Mia stopped screaming. She just dangled there with her eyes wide open.
"Edward what's happening? Why has she stopped?"
"Uh, I don't know. Just stop i'm going to put you down now,"
I placed her gently down again. Then I reached up for Mia. She hissed at me. I pulled away and tried again. I got her this time. But she was biting my arm leaving blood everywhere. I didn't care though all I cared about was her safety. I stroked her hair soothing her whilst she calmed down.
Melisa started mumbling. I turned away from Mia holding her hand to find Melisa on the floor shaking a mumbling foreign words. Then she stopped and opened her eyes where they had been sewn together by the shadow man. I flinched as I saw blood dribble down the corners of her eyes. She looked like she was crying blood.
Mia screamed at me and ran over to Melisa.
"MIA DONT!" I shouted but she didn't hear me.
She stood next to Melisa shaking her. Then she was saying her name repeatedly.
"EDWARD?! What do we do?"
She had one of those sickly little girl voices. But I took no notice as I walked slowly over to Melisa. I spoke to her.
"Melisa. Can you hear me? I need you to listen. Listen to the earth see if you can hear it. Tell it to heal you. Don't be afraid. Remember how we used to sit in the park and talk to the earth? Well I need you to do the same thing. Please. For me. For yourself."
She sat up. Still 'crying' blood she closed her eyes. I sat down in front of her and hummed. She joined in taking my tune. Then suddenly she screamed in pain.
"What? Melisa what's wrong?"
"My, my eyes hurt so bad. Something is pushing through! IT HURTS EDWARD HELP ME!!!"
I couldn't I had to just sit there and watch her in pain. Mia had her head burrowed under my coat. I waited for the pain to stop and when it did it was like a miracle. Melisa had two new eyes.

But they weren't ordinary eyes. They were completely black.


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