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Songs Of The Underworld

Novel By: vampirebreather

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Submitted:Oct 29, 2010    Reads: 55    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

I have never thought about the end of the world. I haven't ever mentioned it. This makes it hard for you to be prepared when it happens. The ground shaking every step you take. The moon is all we see. No sun. It exploded turning earth into a dark dangerous place to be. And now we are being sucked into the massive hole in the universe.
Mum died when the sun exploded. Killed herself whilst sleeping. She must have been scared. So if she was scared should I be? Dad ran away leaving me and my two little sisters with our nanny. We didn't know what to do. The explosion had sent every one mental. My youngest sister Mia has these fits. We have given her medical attention but there is no cure for mental illness like this.
We are scared and mad. We know we are going to die. But we don't know when. It Is living HELL for us. But no one cares. If Dad run away then who's to say our Nanny wont? We are on the edge of darkness ready to fall in any second.
Until the underground spoke to me.
Chapter 1 - The underground.
I have this special power. The underground talks to me. It tells me what to do. It has my mother's voice. Whenever I go to the graveyard the earth sings in sympathy. It lets my mother speak to me. It tells me everything is going to be okay. Melisa can hear it too. Mia cant. It tells me that everyone who is mentally disturbed by the thought of death can't hear it . It shows how many people have the fear of death.
It shows us that, somehow, we don't fear it.
Me and Melisa sit in the park sometimes humming along with the earth. No one can see us. We are just another shadow to them. No-one cares about anyone but themselves at the moment. We don't care. Every night we are waken by another stranger in the road screaming with pain. They torture themselves. It's like they are being controlled by something. In the end they died. No-one cares. They just push it aside and live their life as if nothing ever happened.
Me and Melisa save people. Tell them to just wait. Listen. They hear the hum of the earth. They sing. Though it pains them. We sing together and heal the person. Hoping it is enough to save yet another life. Sometimes it works. Then sometimes, most of the time, it does not.
It was a normal hectic day. People screaming outside. The signs of death every where you look. Only this time it was a sound of death. And it was coming from Mia's bedroom. Me and Melisa flew up the stairs and into Mia's room. A man tall and dark stood over Mia's bed. He was mumbling some strange words. His head bowed down and his hands hovering above Mia's body.
I grabbed the nearest thing, a plastic doll, and threw it at him. Melisa gasped but the man didn't even flinch.
"Melisa," I said trembling " Go get the Nanny. NOW QUICK!"
She sped around and threw herself down the stair screaming. I turned back around. The man was gone. So was Mia.


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