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Deadly Love Book (Yandere BxB)

Novel By: WhyDontYouNot

When your life's as messed up as it can get, you have no way around becoming addicted to your only love in your life.
But what if someone came along and tried to ruin this spark? Do you just give them death? Or do you let them roam free and torment you?

----WARNING: Possible Yandere Themes----
----WARNING: Boy x Boy----
-----WARNING: Violence, Depression, Cannibalism----

---Will I Ever Become His Definition Of Perfect?---
---Or Do I Have To Kill To Have Him?--- View table of contents...


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*Special* (everybody loves specials)

Leo's P.O.V

I watched Night frantically struggle to break the restriction both him and I had, but it was useless, yet he didn't seem to realize that. It almost seemed like I was watching him slowly turn insane all over again, and that he would start crying and hitting his head off the wall and groaning in agony, all for nothing but pure, burning insanity.
Then Night's face stopped producing so much emotion and he turned to me, slowly, then started smiling and shaking his head. "I should have killed them when I had the chance," he moaned, "what kind of homicidal bastard am I?" I had nothing to say to this, but my only response was a simple shrug. Night grunted and started whining more and frantically looked around the room several times, the light flickering at times, making him flinch anxiously.
Soon, the sound of heavy footsteps sounded, and the door burst open, revealing a pretty tall guy with tattered brown hair, what he was wearing was just what you'd call casual attire.

"Hey there, Night and odd dude..." his tone went a bit loopy as he mentioned myself, but when he mentioned Night he had an enthusiastic tone that was almost frightening because of how excited he was in pronouncing Night's name; that got my nerves twitching.

"Josh..." Night spat 'Josh's' name out, eyeing him grimly. Josh gaped his mouth wide and placed a hand on his heart, then smirked sickly as a blonde guy strode in behind him, Josh giving way to him.

"I wouldn't act so bitter, Night, if I were you," the blonde explained with a cocky tone, casting Night a smug grin. As that guy did enter the room, I noticed that Night's eyes became wider and held more fear.
I picked up that the guy's name was Peter, as Josh addressed him, though they both looked similar in looks: both had messy-ish hair, casual clothing and held that same face with the same sick and twisted grin; you could call them brothers, in a way, though it was obvious in another way that they weren't.
As I was lost in my thoughts, Josh had seized me and sat me down, then tied me properly, to a chair and cast me that sickening grin that made me want to throw up.

"You can just sit here, and if you refrain from looking at this perfect little situation, I'll have no choice but to cut you," he showed off the knife he had and looked at me with sadistic eyes. I gaped my mouth, yet he decided to tie some fabric round my mouth tightly, so I couldn't speak a word.

"What do you mean?!" Night frantically asked, fear possibly consuming him whole. Peter smirked at him then locked his hands in cuffs that hung just above his head, then pulled out a similar looking knife to what Josh had.

"See this? I get to cut you wherever if you kick me," he cast Night the same smirk that Josh had cast me. I did and didn't know where this was going, I just let my imagination roam free, letting the anxiety kicking in and my head go a little tipsy.
Night kept screaming and shaking his head, since it definitely looked like he knew where all of this was going and Peter simply just climbed on top of him then began to kiss and bite Night's neck, myself mentally cringing since I knew myself that Night's boyfriend would go ballistic if he saw this.
Peter kept doing this to Night over and over again, grinding himself against of him and forcing his tongue inside of Night's mouth, Night literally in tears, groaning and wailing when Peter removed his tongue from inside of Night.

"I fucking hate you!" Night wailed, tears trickling down his pale face, his voice cracking slightly as he spoke. Peter shook his head and opened his mouth to speak, then shut it and then shoved his hand down Night's trousers, making him yelp. "You wouldn't..."

"Oh but I would," Peter smirked, probably playing with Night's crotch since he was chewing down on his bottom lip.
I couldn't believe I was watching this, so I shook my head and looked at the floor for about three seconds until I felt a cold blade being pressed down, hard, against my skin, feeling the pain flow through my body, my body instantly flinching and myself letting a yelp escape from my lips.

"You should listen more, pretty boy," Josh murmured in my ear, patting my arm: the place where he cut. I was soon shedding tears as well as Night, this wasn't right at all, watching your former best friend getting tortured and raped, this wasn't right at all. It pained me so much to watch him like this, it wasn't... I couldn't believe what I was doing. I was restrained, though, so I couldn't do shit.

Peter eventually slid his hand down Night's trousers again, but this time, Night lashed out and kicked him in the side. Peter instantly slashed up the right corner of Night's lip, leaving blood to trickle down his jaw, himself wailing in agony. "Bad boy," Peter whispered 'seductively' in Night's ear, making him shiver and flinch when Peter unzipped Night's trouser zipper. Night had accidentally kicked Peter again, how I knew it was an accident was that Night shook his head several times before Peter slashed up Night's left corner of his lip, making him scream even louder than he did the first time, the warm blood streaming down his cool face. "Are you gonna behave?" Peter asked, smirking, sliding down Night's trousers. Night's face flushed a dark red as Peter did, himself trembling all over, squeezing his eyes shut and nibbling down on his bottom lip.

"Just get it over and done with, you fucker..." Night weakly said, his voice cracking yet again due to the tears. Peter cast him another grin and slid down Night's boxers, then proceeded. I kept shaking my head and letting my muffled wails out, Josh sniggering silently, watching me react. I soon averted my locked stare on the two, Josh instantly seeing what I did and cut my arm, near the same tender place, again, making me groan in agony.

This all continued for quite awhile, until I heard footsteps and the door being flown open. "Fuck you, Peter!" somebody yelled viscously, turning out to be Night's boyfriend.

"Ai!" Night yelled in disbelief and probably relief. I saw Ai whipped out a knife and started rapidly stabbing Peter all over after shoving him down to the floor, leaving Night and I speechless.

"You fucking shithead!" Ai screamed at Peter's corpse, taking a last blow right at the centre of Peter's heart, the blood leaking out of Peter's corpse. He dropped the knife and it clattered on the floor with a metallic clang, and Ai quickly picked up the key that was on a little table near himself and unlocked Night's cuffs, asking him if he's OK again and again, clearly seeing the mouth wounds.

"Do you mind helping Leo?" Night sighed, taking deep breaths. Ai rolled his eyes and darkly glared at me, then wandered over near me and removed my speech restriction and untied me from the chair, myself smiling as a 'thanks' since I was too shocked to even speak.

I also noticed something:

Josh had fled.


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