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Fighting for conrol in my own story

Novel By: witch fang

Lemme introduce myself. I am narrator-
and I am Oskar the auditor of stories,
NO, no, no. NO acronims if you please. This will be a nice storie, thank you. NOt like that other crude and violent rubbish you write.
LIke hell it will!
( NArrator tackles Oscar) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 8, 2009    Reads: 86    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

It was a miserable day when she finaly woke up and- <n>excuse me. BUt who the fuck are you?<n>

<i> OH. I'm Oscar. The auditor<i>

<n>I'm being audited? BY who?<n>

<I> By me of course<i>

(I stared blankly at him, to see if he was joking. He coughed discreetly as if he found my gaze unsettling, which it probably was) <n> I'm only here to offer some small suggestions<i>

<n> Suggestions........<n>

<i> Yes. Um. LIke, could it be a boy for once? <i>

(Again with the staring)

<i> ONly a suggestion<i>

HE awoke on a miserable-

<i> And can it be a fine day? <n>

(NOw this guy was really getting on my nerves.)

HE awoke on a reasonably FINE day, in autumn-

<i> Spring would be better<i>

(TAkes deep breath. NOds understandingly. Smiles. BEfore jumping on OSkar and smashing head into large concrete wall)

<n>There. NOw where was I? Oh yes-!<n>

SHE awoke on a MISERABLE day in autumn. She was disoriented and a little confused as to why the supremely great creator- ME- had chosen little old her out of the wonderfully funny and intelligent crators imagination and given her a story. "BUt I'm just a lowly goat herder?" She asked the heavens above her. And the creator sad-

<i> God, they were right to send me in at the time. I mean where the fuck could this possibly be going? Obviously you are lacking in the mental facilities to create a proper story actually worth reading. And need all the help you can get<i>

"Excuse me my child. "

"Yes oh wise-and powerfull creator"

(Gets up and takes a STEEL BAT to Oscar. ,i> There! Now stay the fuck down! <i>

(walks wit dignity back to the laptop. Sits down- <i> I still think it would be beter in spring-<i>

<n> Oh, for my sake! Picks up chain saw <n>


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