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My back street angel

Novel By: witch fang

Jonny is dying. Who can save him? An angel? View table of contents...


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"I dont get it Jonny. You never used to have trouble at school." Mr.Glenn said sighing. He wasn't an old man, but twenty years of teaching ungrateful high school students can really take it out of you."Look. I know about your um....condition."

"Oh! So it's a condition now, is it? I didn't know cancer was just a "condition", thanks mr.Glenn. I feel much better." Jonny said sarcastically. Mr.Glenn massaged his temples in that patient adult to small child way of his. "Jonny....."

"YOu know what, forget it!" Jonny said standing up suddenly. He was small for his age and only came to about Mr.Glenns shoulders. "I dont care any more!" And with that, Jonny stalked off. The door slamming behind him.

Outside the air was fresh and crisp. The birds singing, the sound of laughter echoed in the court yard. But it was faint and Jonny had no intention of going there again. No way. Instead he shouldered his bag and strode off towards the back entrance to school. It was ungaurded but still locked. Lucky, his new friend Tombes had taught him how to pick locks. He was still new and it took him a little while but he smiled at the fammiliar meallic click. The door swung open and just like that he was out.

He met up with his new crew. Tombs, Bone-digga, Frizz and Cutta. Not very nice people but the again Jonny wasn't into nice any more. Nice was for suckers and people who had more than three weeks to live. Not his thing at all. Tombs, who was the leader of the group, saw JOnny first and nodded. Handing him a half full bottle of jonny walker. Jonny took it and drank before handing it back. His head swam a little but that was normal. All part of the experience of being bad. Today, Jonny would get his first taste of acceptance in the hood society. They all took a bus down town. Jonny paid. When thay got there, Jonny looked around in an effort to accustomise him self to it all. Dillipidated apartment buildings, drug stores and corner dairys. Gun shops, and a lot of dark alleys. "You all right kid?" Bone digga said cocking an eye brow. Jonny nodded and forced his eyes down. Bone-digga eyed him for a while before sighing and walking off. Bone-digga was the oldest and most respected of the group. At only 26 he had been in jail a grand total of nine teen times. Three times for robbery, four times for public disturbance and the rest for assult and drug dealing. Because of his many convictions he could claim leader any time he wanted but he didn't. When asked why he said that he didn't love us enough. Tombs did. Some thing Jonny never fully grasped.

The five of them walked for a while. Just bumming around. When it started getting darker, Tombs took Jonny aside to talk. "You okay kid?"

"Huh?" Jonny said not quite under standing. The alcahole in him had faded allmost completely.

"See, me and the guys are going to check up on a couple of friends of ours." He said the word "friends" as if to indicate they were any thing but. "Might get a little rough. You sure you up for it. You could drop out now you know. Me and the guys wont hink any less of you." Jonny smiled a little lopsidedly. ""Nope. You can't get rid of me that easilly." Tombes closed his eyes and folded his arms, nodding. He turned around and opened his eyes. "I tried but he wont listen." Jonny craned his neck to see Bone-digga shaking his head. He threw Tombs a black package which he pressed into Jonnys hand. A gun. Jonny stared at it, lost in its glossy sheen. "Use it only if you need too. Right kid."

Jonny nodded. Okay.


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