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My Amazing Abusive Boyfriend

By: XDaNaX

Chapter 2,

Still standing there thinking it was a dream it wasn't. Hello Mia. Mia screamed for her mom and Ethan they ran down the stair's. Her mom came down first her mom gasped and told him to leave to get out.

Martha please I wanted to talk to you and the kid's said Frank (Mia's dad's name and Martha is her mom's).

When Ethan reach down the stairs all tired what happen she saw a spider or something. When he look who was at the door he ran to get his baseball bat. "GET OUT"!!! Ethan said.

Ethan please just listen to me. NO FRANK replied Ethan. "YOU WILL NOT GIVE ME THAT TONE YOUNG MAN  I'M YOUR FATHER"!!!

"NO YOUR NOT FRANK GET OUT"!!! screamed Ethan. Sarah run's down stair's running toward's Mia and hug her. "WHO THAT"!!! said Frank with an attitude Mia say's my friend. "YOU WANNA KNOW WHY SHE MY FRIEND BECAUSE SHE WOULD NEVER ABANDON ME"!!!!!!! 




"THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE"!!!!!! Martha replied to his ignorant comment. "TO SAY IM SORRY BUT THANK GOD I DIDN'T"!!!!!!

Ethan push him out the door and lock him out. Mia who looked out the window see's her father getting up and drive off in his car.

That night Mia couldn't sleep thinking what her father said"A BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER"!!!

She was thinking is she was beautiful or ugly. After an hour-half of thinking she finally fell asleep.

The next morning everyone look exhausted. Ethan who feel asleep on our kitchen table. Mom trying to be waken with a cup of coffe and Sarah who keep's rubbing her eye's.


After breakfast me and Sarah got dress. I went on my laptop. Log on Aim as soon as i sign in a new IM from Hot-Jason101. I smile so big I thought I would be stuck like that.

Hot-Jason101: Hey can't wait to see you tonight :-]

Smart-Mia240:Hey me either to see you :-)

Hot -Jason101: Alright can't wait ;-)

Smart-Mia240:Can't wait either :-)



After logging off getting butterflie's Ethan told me to run to the tv. I ran as fast as i can. After getting there my mom Ethan and Sarah are watching the tv.

As i sit near them it was the new's.


In local new's this morning a man named Frank Hoffman  was in a car accident last after makeing a big swerve on Washington Bridge he lost control on the vehicle and fell out the bridge into the water police say they are still looking for the automobile for now. Back to you Tom


Mia burst out of tear's and hug Sarah Ethan fell crying on his mom's lap and sobbed.


When it was about 7:00pm Sarah and Mia had to get ready for the partry. Putting on their dress's and acessorie's. Also Applying eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Mia still depress about her father no matter what he told her last night she meant the world to him.After they finish Mia went to get Ethan. Open the door. She see's Ethan just staring at some picture. What's that she said walking toward's him.It was a photo of Ethan's 9th birthday at a park hugging dad for his new baseball bat the one he had last night fighting off dad.

Tears stream down his eye's. You think he ok whisper Ethan. Im sure he fine Ethan.I hope he replied. Ready to go, Yep Mia replied.


When we got infront of Jason's house me and Sarah squealed. We so happy to be here. WHen we knock on he Jason answer OMFG yo you look good. I blush. When i walk in he look at Sarah Whoa you too. Sarah blush. When I look around their were over 50 kid's in this house and most of them had beer in there hand's.

So Mia you look real good said Jason. Thank you look good to. I need to ask you something he took me to a quiter place. Yeah Mia replied.

Would you be my girlfriend. As soon as I heard does word's i was going to have a blackout. I would love to Mia replied back great.

He took her upstairs to his room to show her all his winning trophies. As soon as i enter his room were full of trophies for,baseball,and soccer.

Wow your mom most be proud of you. Actually my mom abandon me 4 year's ago. Oh I'm so sorry replied Mia. It's ok not your fault.My dad abandon me 4 years ago too. Really? said Jason. Reaaly replied Mia.

There was a knock on the door Jason open it. It was this cute guy with black hair and glowing green eye's. Hey can I borrow cell phone I left mine home. Sure said Jason. Hey his friend said to me. HeyI replied shyly. When Jason gave him his phone and closed the door, he slapped me across the face.WHAT'S THAT FOR I CRIED. FOR FLIRTING WITH HIM REPLIED. i DIDNT I SAID.SURE YOU DIDN'T YOU COULDN'T STOP STAREING AT HIM. Thinking to my self i thought he was amazing my boyfriend not abusive turn's out he MY AMAZING ABUSIVE BOYFREIND.

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