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Novel By: XUXIKI

I just need to get this out of my system and this is the only platform I can do it anonymously View table of contents...



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"Do you think the Lord will punish you just for thinking about committing a sin?"

Sister Ray looked up to find Doctor Hendricks standing in the corridor. She smiled while she answered, "I guess it depends on what you were thinking of doing". She always found the sudden outbursts of Beverley intriguing. She started refocusing her attention on the folder in front of her.

"I have a puncture wound on my fingertip. I don't know how I got it, and I drew blood from 3 patients today." Beverley looked at the tip of her right ring finger. Absentmindedly she was rubbing it continuously, each jolt of pain made her pulse increase gradually.

Sister Ray got up from her chair and walked towards Beverley. When she reached her, she took Beverley's finger in her hand and squeezed it.

"Did it bleed? Maybe it was there this morning?"

Beverley shook her head as she answered, "It wasn't there this morning. The sting feels as if the prick was made recently. I could have been careless, my mind was occupied, and maybe I pricked myself. I could have been careless..." her voice started to become faint.

Maybe this was her punishment. She had her life sorted out and then she started messing with days gone by. Maybe she should not have called up ghosts from the past, maybe she should not have given in so easily. Could this just be coincidence or is this some type of cruel poetic justice?

"Let's check if there is something you might have pricked yourself on," she heard Sister Ray say while she was pulling Beverley towards the consultation room.

"There's nothing sharp there. I need to check all the files of the patients I drew blood on today. I can't imagine when I could have pricked myself. I need to check their viral loads."

"Let's first see if there is nothing you could have cut yourself on," Ray was trying to soothe Beverley, but anxiety grew with every second that passed. She could see in Beverley's eyes that she was scared.

"I have been looking at this finger for the past twenty minutes. I need to look at those folders."

"Let's not jump to conclusions, maybe...," Beverley stopped her midsentence.

"I have a cut on my finger that wasn't there before, I drew blood from three patients, and I can think of a few instances I could have been careless. This is the HIV clinic, there is no doubt about the status of my patients, I think I need ARV's."

Ray looked as Beverley just slumped into her chair, constantly looking at her finger.

"One month of hell coming up, hopefully only one month, and not a lifetime..." Beverley said absentmindedly with a dull grey look on her face.


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