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Broken Music Box

Novel By: XxShadowxRosexFauxexX

This 15 yr old girl named Kalie finds a music box at an antique store in Pines Dale California and The music box is haunted by a little girl named Emma. :D Not Giving away anymore :P
Description of characters;
Kalie: Black straight hair, silvery blue eyes and a quirky smile.
Emma: Brown haired little girl with porcelin features and piercing green eyes, also a nasty gash across the throat. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 20, 2010    Reads: 114    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

I stared out of the window of my bedroom and sighed deeply. Another breezy, beautiful, and boring day this summer. I was home alone, as usual and extremly bored. I walked slowly into the kitchen surveying the cabinets and tables for any sign of movment. I saw none so I walked to the fridge. Right as I opened the Fridge door, Im pounced upon by my cat Shadow. I swore at her angrily and pulled her off the back of my legs. For some reason she only attacks me, the rest of the family she seems to love. I hate her just as much as she hates me, so I threw her onto the couch. She retreated under the couch hissing all the way. I rolled my eyes and got out a coke and sat down on the table. I sat the coke down and picked up an ad magazine next to me.

What I read surprised me; The Raven's Antique Shop was re-opening and had alot of stuff on sale. What surprised me was that the Raven's Shop was closed for 10 years and it suddenly re-opens without a warning? I gave a puzzled look but shrugged to myself and grabbed my coke and took a long sip. I grabbed my car keys and decided to go to the re-opening. Right as I headed out Shadow slipped past my feet tripping me into the Miles Forest close to our house. I scowled at the cat and got into my Pick-up. It was a 5 mile drive from my house to town so I turned on the Radio and Sang along with the songs I knew.

I finally pulled up to the shop and stepped out of my truck, sheilding my eyes from the bright sun. The Raven's Antique shop was a red bricked building situated on a lonely street corner. It was an ancient building but you could tell where the Raven's Remodeled it. I gave a deep sigh and opened the door. The bell Jingled and I looked around. The building was dark but enough light to see what was on the shelves; Figurines and ornaments littered the top shelves while furniture was in one section of the shop. Musical instruments where placed in a display at the front along with children's toys on the shelves behind the cash register.

Mrs. Raven was at the Cashier staring out the window intently. I smiled at her and waved and I got a slow response and I just decided to browse the shelves. I found a couple of creepy looking dolls that had one or two missing parts. Nothing was very interesting until a little box caught my eye. It was Black with gold carvings all over the outside. I opened it and was surprised to hear a haunting melody coming from the inside, a Masquerade couple were dancing to the sad tune and a mirror was positioned in the inside of the top. I felt mysteriously calm and i listened to the tune till it ended and decided thats what I wanted.

I walked up to Mrs. Raven and she happily rang in the item and told me the Music Box was Ten Dollars. I handed over the ten and she gave me back the music box in a petite little bag that didn't seem to belong in a Antique shop. She looked like she was thankful that someone finally came in and bought something from their shop, I quickly smiled at her and Walked back to my car. I was excited about my music box and I placed it on the passenger seat and made my drive back to my house.


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