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Palmer Little was best friends with Sarah Wagner ever since they did dance together when they were 2. But ever since Palmer wasn't able to bring a birthday present for Sarah at her ninth birthday, Sarah has thought of her as a "mortal enemy". Now that they're both 17, they're both trying out for the same part in Footloose, The Musical and they have to "suck" their way up to who will get the part, and who will go home with nothing except cats at home and icecream in their freezer.
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It was a beautiful morning.
The birds were chirping,
dogs were barking in the distance,
and Palmer Little was having a fit infront of basically her whole family.
"But I NEED a present to take to her slumber party!! Birthdays ARE for PRESENTS!!" She screamed and cried at her mom as her grandma puts her hand in her face, sighs, and drinks more of her coffee.
"Yes, but mommy nor daddy can't really afford it right now, sweetie!" Palmer's mom reasoned, her voice seeming exasperated ever since she woke up to Palmer in her face that morning. "So I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure that Sarah can deal with one less present this year". With that, the argument was over, and they went on like it was a normal day.
"Presents!" Mrs. Wagner yelled in the livingroom as a bunch of sweaty nine year-olds come in from the backyard. The one running the fastest, though, was Sarah. Her blonde curls bouned each time she took a step, her pink dress swirled, and her bare feet would stick to the wood until she finally stepped onto the carpet, and she landed right on the middle of the couch.
"Mine first! Mine first!" A bunch of the little girls squealed as Sarah picked the first large present her eyes landed on.
Present by present, Sarah finished opening the last present, and that's when her eyes landed on Palmer.
"Where's your present, Palmer?" Sarah asked, a small hiss appearing in her voice. Palmer had sweat trickling down her forehead, and she was afraid to answer.
"......Um....Sarah I wasn't able to get you a present...." She got out of her mouth as she held back her tears. Sarah's face got red and then screamed as loud as she could:
"MOMMY CALL MISSES LITTLE'S MOMMY TO TAKE HER AWAY!!!!!!!!!!" Palmer couldn't take it. Sarah didn't want to be her friend any more because she didn't give her one lousy present. She let it all out. Palmer broke down into tears and ran away into the nearest bathroom. She ripped off a piece of toilet paper and wiped her eyes with it. Soon her mom would be coming to get her and she could lay down with her all night and cry and say mean things about Sarah. She now knew that Sarah wasn't her friend anymore, nor will she ever be ever again.
I woke up. The sun gleamed through my window. I glanced over at my clock, and I knew something wrong had happened.
The bus was coming to pick me up in 5 minutes.
I scrambled out of my bed, and quickly got into the shower. Of course, with my luck, the shower I had to take was freezing. I ran out of the shower and grabbed the first set of clothes I saw. I literally jumped into them, brushed my teeth, and brushed my hair. I rain downstairs and took a bite out of the Toaster Strudel that was waiting at the kitchen table for me. I kissed my mom goodbye, then ran out the back door and sped down to the bus stop. To my luck, the bus was turning onto the corner of my street.I speed-walked over to my best friend, Emily, and caught my breath.
"Almost miss the bus again, Palmer"? Emily chuckled as she slapped me on the back. "You need to quit going to sleep so late!" She laughed some more as I reasoned with her.
"Hey! Don't blame me! I was hosting a Twitcam 'till 1 a.m! Besides, I already know this is gonna be a bad day", I huffed, as we all piled onto the bus.


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