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Carols life

By: yourawesome

Chapter 3,

Chapter 3
 Carol, had woken up on the moist ground, her jeans slapped with grass stains. It looked as if she had been slapped with forest green paint. She started to realize she was late, and there
was no time to mess around. Carol stood to her feet, and looked up at the white, crystal clear moon. She couldn't look away, her muscles locked, unable to move. She though that
the moon looked like a white ball floating in a deep, dark, ocean. Carol, suddenly remembering her father , her muscles unlock and her eyes shifted  down at Jack, Jacks face was facing down, the moon shined off
of his smooth skin, making Carol smile. "Jack!" Carol cried bending down to touch his face, he woke and Carol jerked her hand away. He stood up with out a glance at Carol "Carol I'm so sorry, I should of stayed awake!
I dont know what happed," He cried in a apoligetic smile. Carol looked away, blushing, her face felt like the sun on a hot hot day. The redness hang to her cheeks. She looked up when Jack jerked her from the place she had been standing in, running toward
the way we came, chuckling at the sky. His hair hang from his head waving, shining, as it bounced under the moon. Carol was about to say something but, she closed her mouth and enjoyed the moment.
"Where do you live?" Jack said, breaking the silence. Carol was speechless, she stared at the back of head to the beautiful golden hair, she choked as she tried to reply. Jack still waiting for an answer, slowed
down, turning back to face her with his breath-taking half smile, but it faded. "What's wrong?" He said, letting go of Carols hand. "Sorry," Carol replied. "Uhm, I live on Rake street,
12352 is the adress." Jack grinned, grabbing her hand again, jogging, instead of running. "I know where that is," He replied gripping her hand tighter, jogging faster. "My old house
used to be there, but we moved a few years ago. My mom got tired of the place, I guess." Carol wasn't paying attention to what he was saying, she feared the trouble she was going to be
in when she got home. She looked at the lock of his hand gripping hers, it tingled, giving her a flush of redness that clang to cheeks. Her stomach tightened with butterflies, she couldn't help but grin.
 She looked up when she recignized she was on her street, and from the distance, seeing her house. "Slow down," She said, not wanting to end what was going on between her and Jack.
"I'm sorry," He said, lossening his grip a little bit. "I didn't mean to her hurt your hand..." He chuckled softly, giving Carol that breath taking half smile. Carol choked on her words, and then closed her mouth to nod.
"I hope your dad won't be mad." He frowned, letting go of her hand, stopping in front of her house. Carol could feel the tears reaching her eyes. Jack quickly gave her a smirk, "I
guess I'll see you tomorrow, bye." He turned around, running, as Carol watched him leave her alone with her dispicable father.

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