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Writing Reality "Show" --Conest

Novel By: zadudet1

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Submitted:Jul 27, 2011    Reads: 114    Comments: 23    Likes: 2   

Who is ready for the contest of the... week, no too short, decades too long though. *Thinks* Got it! Who's ready for the contest of the year?

But seriously, back to my point. Have you ever wanted to be on a reality show? Have you ever just in general wanted to be on T.V. Well then this is... not the contest for you. It is, however, the next best thing.

In my reality show you will be divided into two teams(red and blue). Don't worry though, you don't have to co-write anything. There will be MANY rounds, so if you join be committed. There are two types of rounds throughout the course of the contest. Primary rounds and elimination rounds.

You CANNOT be eliminated during a primary round, even if you fail to post any short story, poem, or other piece. However if you fail to post during an elimination round you will be removed as well as someone else(if there are two or more failed-to-enter participants, no one but they will be removed.)

Only one team will go into the elimination round. It will be decided which teams moves into the elimination round based on overall team performance. If one team loses twice in a row, someone will be taken from their team and put in the other to keep the numbers even. Here's an example: Say that team one has all excellent pieces of work, but one person failed to post. In team two everyone posted, but several pieces are bad quality. Guess which teams goes in for elimination. That's right, team two.

At a certain point, having two teams would be ridiculous(in my opinion). When there is only one team(green) the rules will change. There will still be a primary round, but instead of being a determiner for which team is up for being cut, the winner of the primary will get a leg up in some way (ie:immunity, picking the genre ect.)

When only two participants remain the rules will change yet again. There will be two teams, black and white(as of now I'm leaning toward letting you pick which one you want, but if there is childish squabbling over it, I will choose for you). The round type also changes. Instead of normal rounds, there will be a vigorous series(from 5, 7, or 9 pending on what I come up with) of mini-rounds. The person winning the majority of them will win the contest and be renowned as the first winner of my reality "T.V." show ever. (If you come up with a cool name for this reality show, can I use it? ^_^)

Now that that's out of the way time for more basic rules.

  1. No erotica unless otherwise stated(I may do a round like this)
  2. Keep swearing to a minimum(some rounds may demand it, others may forbid it)
  3. If for some reason you feel the need to go on someone profile and yell at them for making your team lose and go up for elimination, don't. You will be automatically removed from the contest. Let's be adults, okay?
  4. I will pick your teams always(you can however, volunteer to switch if the other team loses twice in a row. Otherwise I will just choose someone at random to be switched)
  5. Put you entry title here, NEVER on my profile. You can ask me questions on my profile, but you must post your entry's name here.
  6. No novels/novella(unless no more than three chapters or otherwise stated)
  7. No non-fiction(excluding memoirs or unless otherwise stated)
  8. Please give it a real name and not Primary round one entry or something like that. (If you do not follow this rule you won't be removed, but I'd like you to follow it.)
  9. No late entries, no exceptions.


Green team: I will fan you and give you a green team recognition(recommend you on my profile in green with green team underlined above it) for two months after the contest is over.

2nd place:I will fan you, give you a white/black team recognition for four months, make you a virtual 2nd place trophy with the name of the reality show(if I come up with a name before then) and the season number(1), and read all(most if you have a lot) and comment on some of your work.

1st place:I will fan you, give you a white/black team recognition for six months, make you a virtual 1st place trophy with the name of the reality show(if I come up with a name before then) and the season number(1), and read and comment on all(most if you have a lot) of your work.

Judging Factors:
  1. Grammar(one or two errors won't hurt your score too bad, but I don't want to read something that looks like it was written by a six year-old.)
  2. Creativity
  3. Following the Rules
  4. Flow(If poem let it flow, if story don't make it choppy.)
  5. Matches the Theme(this is different than following the rules)

Team will be decided after everyone has entered. The deadline is August 31st. On that day, I will post the teams and the first primary round in chapter two. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'll explain the best I can. Also, please tell your friends. The more people that join the better. I need at least 20 people to start it. ^_^


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