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A Strong Heart

Novel By: Ziloxic

Alex Karin, Age 15 is a very strong girl. To get rid of her stress she often gets into fights. Sadly her mother passed away while giving birth to her. As for her father his life ended in an accident. She lives deep in the woods and works as a waitress to earn her living, but can't attend school due to her lack of money. One night Alex was walking down the street.In an alley she saw 4 guys getting beat up by 11 other guys.Without hesitating she got herself involved and somehow joined a gang called ICE. View table of contents...



Submitted:Oct 27, 2013    Reads: 7    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

No matter what happens never give up. If you fall down stand back up. Keep believing. Have a strong heart. "Thats what she told me." Today is my 15th birthday as well as the aniversary of my mother's death day. Today instead of having some cake, I'm visiting her grave. Today is October 31st and it has already begun to snow. Right now I'm staring at the stone that was put over my mother's coffin. I placed down the white roses that was sure to be covered in the snow soon. "Mother how are you doing in heaven? I hope you are happy. Have I grown up into a thats person you wanted me too? I want to make you happy mother." I looked down at my watch."Its about time I start heading to the cafe. Bye mom." I work at a cafe shop as my part time job. Walking to the back of the shop I opened the back door."Morning Alex. Hurry and go get changed, your shift is next." Said one of the workers. "Kay,Thanx." When I was finished I slammed my locker shut and walked out of the room to take orders. "Is that all?" "Uh huh." Said one of the customers. Like everyday it would always be like this. I'd start going to work at 8:30 and arrive at 9:00 work till 2:00, then i'm free for the day. "Finally! I thought my arm was going to fall of." Everyday I would run home when work was over. It was my daily routine. My home was in the woods I lived in a cabin that father built for me whe he was still alive. My mother died while she was giving birth to me. I wish I knew what she had looked like or what her name was at least. So I decided to ask father one day. Things got quiet and then he told me too never talk about mother again. He must had love her a lot and was sad when she died. Maybe thats why he doesn't want to talk about it and rememeber the sad memories is what I thought. After that talk with father I never mentioned anything about mother ever again in front of him. By now I was home. I walked in and layed flat down on the bed that had animal fur over it. And went to sleep. After mother died dad has raised me in the mountains ever since then. He tought me a lot of things. Hunting on animals for food, fishing, making shelter out of wood, and fighting skills. He was an excellent fighter. But he wouldn't never tell me his name either. One day dad and I was taking a walk in the woods. The same woods where I am living in today. Father had told me not to wonder off and always stay next to him but I didn't listen to what he said. While father was gathering some wood for the camp fire I got distracted and wandered of somewhere else and got lost. I ran into trouble and bumped into a bear. Father found me just in time. He killed the bear but in order to protect me he got hurt and died too. It was my fault he died all my fault. If only I had listen to him he would probably still be alive right now. I could feel the tears running down my cheek in my sleep. I'm sorry father...............................


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