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But For Your Presence

By: A Passerby

Page 1, Faith in love and love in faith hold the universe .

But For Your Presence .

But for your presence ,

How could I have survived .

But for your presence

How  I could have revived ,

The daily  slips and lapses ,

Of my haggard’s stumbling .


But for your presence ,

How could I seek remedy ,

Of my timeless drudgery,

 Cause born dilemma of reasons ,

And nowhere whirl winds of my passage .


But for your presence ,

How could I depend on unconditional love ,

Of a mother to her son or earth to her inmates ,

And how  could I have the passport to glide the gates ,

Of clumsy taxes and egos ,

How could I accept the worth to forgive and forgo .


But for your presence ,

How the vacant and dreary world could have a meaning ,

In my faith and resolution .

Where no concern but your wish prevails .


But for your presence ,

All loves were on give and take –rails ,

Blared and grayish in ghostly frails . 









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