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The Sweet Sweetie .

By: A Passerby

Page 1, The poem aims to uphold the universal love between a lady and her lover ,or a devotee and his/her lord .

 The Sweet  Sweetie .

In the ups and down of temptations’ profile ,

You Sweet wipe sorrow’s figure and beguile .


In the dreary ways of unknown miles ,

You Sweet peep and mitigate the weep ,

With your soul effusing smile .


In the hopeless desert  with empty heart ,

Melancholy takes possession on the will ,

You Sweet bloom breaking nature’s seal .


In clouded insecurity while plunge with no rope ,

You Sweet come by like a floating boat ,

And make me the monarch of impossible hope .


While the natural hunger with thirst starve ,

You Sweet repair the senses’ agony ,

And play your unasked love in my harp .





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