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I'll Always Love You

By: autumnevers

Page 1, Feelings after see a boy when he got home from basic


all the time that i spent
i never knew what all this meant
id been waiting on you. 
id been wishing for you. 
but then when it came the time
i wanted nothing more than to call you mine. 
you walked towards me and i started to cry
as i realised how much time had passed by. 
but as much as i missed you, and i missed you a lot 
i think all the love we shared had been forgot
i no longer wish to call you mine
and i had thought i wanted you until the end of time
but our paths are so different, yours and mine
and i think that the silence between us is a sign.
ill always love you, i promise its true
i guess it just wasnt meant to be me and you. 

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