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The Dreamer, The Cowgirl

By: AyamaZero

Page 1, Even if your different every dream comes to a finish line. All you have to do is fly and help it along

People think I'm insane,

That’s cause I’m a horse person.

A cowgirl...

I like to call myself the risk taker,

The ones who challenge the impossible

No one thought we could tame a mustang,

That we could create a bond,

That we could dance or fly!

But one day I’ll create a place where everyone is free

No one will be denied the right to love a beautiful creature we call family.

I think EVERYONE!                

Deserves to love

Deserves to dream

Deserves to fly...


It might take my whole life but my one most important dream

Is to create someone's dream.

If I create this

If this comes true

If I can stand next to a partner

An equal and walk into that arena

All I want to do with my horse

Is fly



And run free...



That's all you can wish for


Don't you know you can do better than your dream?

If you go out of your way

To make it come true!

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