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All Alone And On My Own

By: Ayla Daniels

Page 1, I don\'t really know what to say about this one....

The silence you keep

Tends to seep

Into your soul

Until you're out of control

We reap what we sow

Where will we go

When our hearts catch a cold

And we start to freeze

We're just preparing to leave

Feels like the end of the road

And when we get so old

Maybe we'll be so bold

To tell the whole truth

'Bout how we lied in our youth

Still, that's so far away

What you don't know today

Though, you might someday

Is how they threw me to waste

And my life was erased

And to the depths, I was cast

Just when I thought it would last

All the hurting was in the past

You re-opened the scar

And ran away with my star

Will anyone stay?

So tired of being treated like this

So sick of being left in the disarray

And I never thought you'd do this to me

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