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I Think I Exist

By: Bishwamitra

Page 1, Most of the times we forget our own self in this busy world. It\'s just about feeling your own existence,

I think I exist


As I gaze upon the rice fields

As I fell the cold air

As I feel the strain on my knees 

When I run down the meadows

I have a feeling 

The world is there because I am here

The whole world exists because I think I exist

If I were not born

If there was noone who is me

Will world be the same ?

(Will there be any world at all?

How would I know as there won't be me?)

I am looking out of the window

I can see the stars

I hear the night owls howling

And I am hungry now

I think I exist.

It can't be a dream

I feel everything so vividly

Or it may be one

Does that matter??

At least in a dream

I think I exist




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