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Sympathy For The Evil

By: BloodiedBlossom

Page 1, Inspired by the song \'Sympathy For The Devil\' by the Rolling Stones.

Blamed for all, and blamed by many
For unleashing evil and sparing souls, not any
Covet to cause suffering to others
Just who is this lost soul, this ghastly maradauer
Filled with thoughts of rage, and a humorous heart
Smile of Outlandish Joy, as he ripps poor souls apart
Deliberate ignorance, of emotion and feeling
Joyful and innocent, whilst lives he's stealing
He exists in every one of us, somewhere in our hearts
Deep within our selflesness, we enjoy dragging others into suffering
And to be purified, a request not ever granted
Sadistic is our darkest wish, and we desire infamy
Evil dwells in us all, so show the Devil some sympathy

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