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Funeral for a Friend

By: Byron Quinn

Page 1, A funeral poem (Inspired by Auden)

Call of the guards
Black out the lights
Let alarms ring silent
In the moonlit night

Let the winds falls still
And let the angels cry
Why a mans greatest friend
Why did he have to die?

He kept me sane, made me laugh
Helped slay all the demons in my past
His light it always burned so brightly
I never thought it could never last

I don’t know how I’ll go on
I’m not sure just how I’ll breathe
But with your strength I’ll carry on
For in you I’ll still believe

Why couldn’t the clocks stand still?
Give us all just one more day
A loving father, son, a brother
We have all lost today

So as we wait for rain to fall
For it to wash away all our pain
Though now all of us who loved him now suffer
Know now he loved us all the same



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