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I Need The Words To Say To You

By: Colby

Page 1, Ever had a moment that you forgot the words to what you wanted to say? Well this poem is having those moments and begging for someone to recognize you.

Why can't I talk to you,

Your not hurtful,

Why can't I see you,

In your most purest form,

I'm someone who will write for you,

But I won't ever know what to say to you when I see you,

Since all you do is make me blush by your voice,

Why must I have this,

Why can't I be confident near you,

I'm a nervous wreck without you near me,

Since I'm absolutely,


Without a doubt,

In love with someone like you,

I don't know how to explain it near you,

But if you let me show,

It would be better rather having me all puzzled and in a daze,

So I want to show,

Thats how I wanna show I'm happy,

Even without you near me,

Please for the last time,

Show me you care,

Even without me being near,

I don't know how to explain it,

Just help me find the truth,

The one you know is true,

Don't forget what all I've tried telling you please,

I now know how I'm gonna live on a world full of hate,

As long as I can live with you,

In my arms

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