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The End Is Just the End

By: dubl

Page 1, I don\'t do drugs, I am drugs. -Salvador Dali

There's a rift here somewhere
A great divide that splits and tears
And rips into the day
Something great has been taken from me
And it all dissolves to screams
And wide eyes still can't see
But there's a crystal clear picture
But I want one that's a little bigger
And anymore I just shake my head
I can't fight, my arms are lead
I've been picking them up for years and years
But my muscles have tired out.

I never said I had perfect thought
But I'd like to live in a place without
All this violence and rape
And to forget I sedate
And self-medicate
But trust this: you're not making me rage
But you're backwards because you want people to change
But never give one thought to how you stay the same
Like a salmon you swim upstream towards the bear
And as he bites you, you never think how you got there
Is it that we've lost the power to think
Or is it that we just want to sink?

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