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Too Much To Do

By: Emmie x

Page 1, Thoughts...not much more to say to be honest

Too much to do

Too much to do

Not enought time

Thats what it feels like

At least in my mind

Everyone epecting

Everyone knowing

That I should do well

If I keep on going

Parents wanting time together

To sit arkwardly until I 'need the loo'

Why do they want that

When I have to much to do

Teachers wanting revision done

Epecting us to be 'above the line'

I know I need to revise

I just need the time

All I want is to sit down

Relax, for a minute or two

But thats not possible

With all these things I need to do

What about me?

Its my life

I should be able

To spend it how I like

I shouldn't be stuck with all these rules

All these closed doors

I won't get anywhere

Stuck indoors

Please let me out

To do my own thing

Its my own space

I need time to think!

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