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Five Poems

By: Erick McKie

Page 1, This is a simple collection of four poems I\'ve written over the coarse of four days all are already copyrighted to me and are published to a different webpage, but I thought I should put them here too... Please enjoy!


a veil o'er sight

veil, so broodingly bleak

seen by a mind, oh so weak


The Oak In the Swamp

The oak in the swamp

Stands tall, confident, and firm

Vast knowledge and wealth

No wisdom has he

Though knowledgeable, not wise

Rotten at the core

Thief of food and drink

High Lord of the forest is he

Who shall fall, and die

Ode TO a Sullen Midwinter's Storm

Winter comes and goes

Cacophonous wind and snow

Trounces my shutters

As we perch hearthside

And wait for snow to subside

One Destiny

It's a fact of life

all are destined for the grave

our bodies shall die

But our souls shall live

in the hearts of the living

whom we meet again

In our lives to come.

This is the one destiny

that applies to all

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