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The loss of dear innocence

By: FyresydeHerbalyst

Page 1, I don't know how I would describe this one...

Innocence in me seems to die
As each day slowly goes by
Life takes on the feel of a dream
My innocence pouring out like a stream
Each new touch you offer to give
Brings me more strength to live
Please listen to the things I don't say
For they hurt me more each passing day
All the pain that consumes my life makes it tough
Till my body and spirit have had enough
Please listen to my voice closely
For it could mean life or death for me
Help me to heal from the pain I feel
For me this is a big, big deal
Listen and look for what I don't show
Notice that it hurts me so
Life is a goal I intend to reach
Yet still death lingers like a leach

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