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Peaceful Dream, Just a Dream

By: glitter snow426

Page 1, While watching the world news, I got a sad terrible feeling in my stomach.

The world, huge planet and little me, lights a candle of hope

I can feel the weight of horrible wars, bloody truth, hard to cope

Watching TV news, I realize that freedom will never cheerfully grow

The power in oil countries, some have certain religion, not an easy flow

Will there ever be peace to start a new destiny, golden path to happily take?

Someday, there will be a change, the Great High Leader with true goodness sake

That day will come,one beautiful dove and a clear sky of bright, the deepest blue

Peaceful dreams forever, power of love ascend, I do wish this all comes true!

Oh God, hear us at our time of need, this world is cold violent, unbalanced, too much greed

The yellow brick road, soft fairytale lead, but our reality, harsh black, full of red, killing deed

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