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What June Means to Me

By: glitter snow426

Page 1, Happiness is greating beautiful June!

What June Means to Me



Oh, my heart sings this cheery melody!

June is near, warm, splendid sight to see

Happiness shines on tulips, dandelions here

Mums, pansies and violets will soon appear

Spruce up the yard, a long weekend, barbecue

Together, we share joyous fun so bright, true

How I love plants haven, summer is very close

Time to celebrate, don’t be a shy little mouse!

Yes, June is a bloomed flower waving hello

With colour ribbons, my tree buds happily glow

By the cute bird feeder, I wish for sunny weather

Glorious outdoors, I’m tickled, light as a feather

June is a flower waving, nature’s beauty is worth raving!!

May 19, 2011.


Vincey Delaney

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