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A Time

By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems fromLove

A time to laugh a time to die a wealth of love poured out from on high. A nation of mistrust is sure to die can you please prioritize for the time is flying by. I have come so you wont die yet live forever with me on high. I shall reveal my truth to you for in liberty there is truth to become a rural land when they accept my plan. Be sure to read the Bible today for in it is a very special way to cherish in the land today to replenish you in all your days. I have seen the nations crumble and the people all just melt down yet if you trust my Word today I will exalt you in a special way. I speak not as a waste of time for my words are for you in this time to tell the world for today that all should look up about and tell the poor about it today all will be blessed in a special way. For when you use my wisdom today you will connect for all to see the junction in between is me in you so special a place with no untruth. Come on in and sit down now for my love is poured out now if you touch with all your ways they will perceive with their heart strings and all can feel the truth. I give as evidence of the love I speak of. Yes your choice is paramount the result will affect the world as a wave tide a ripples for all to see the love that surrounds you and me. Amen.

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