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Alley of Love

By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems from Love

A waterfall of love is upon you who dance and know the truth the present is a gift given in truth. I shall pour my love on you as you pray and receive all of this message today. I have come to give something so special for a mistake took place and I could not stand to lose you the present is a gift where no one can deny yet tomorrow will be a surprise. Yesterday a memory preserved like a dream only to be viewed in the pleasantness of all schemes which benefit you as you look to me and know the future is so pretty in joy. I focus on you as I look today knowing the blood covers you in every way please do not confuse time with luxury for a peace can make a difference between joy and chore. I represent a truth discovered by some only to be seen in the act of man preserve the Word and doubt not today for I will not lie it is just that way. Honor me in love and truth for I extend my hand to you. Amen.

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