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For Now 1

By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems from Love

A time for tea a rest indeed a place of love handed to me. Come in from the rain and pounding too my love will protect you. For if you get on your own you will tire and be all alone. The flesh is not the place to be for it will mislead and confuse thee. I see a place a place of everything you need so come close and let me love for all I need is your trust so special and I will watch them protect you and honor me. A time for rest is on your face the words you use shall be like grace if their placed from my love and truth. Do you need victory or shall we come on bended knee. Honor me with your words and I will honor you in the truth I have given you. All men will see I am the true God who extends his hand to hold love and guide you. For the enemy is out of time I will give him what I have said in my Word and man will know the truth for my wrath is not on you who live in truth. As they suffer with lies untold I will guide you into my victory. You will honor and obey and I will give you no shame for all is well in the end just look to Jesus the King of Kings. Amen.

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